Thursday 16th August. Evening Ride to the Riverside area in Littlehampton

There were 12 out for the Evening Ride to Littlehampton tonight. After a day of rain the Cycle Bognor No Rain Guarantee (conditions apply) worked and there were clearing skies, sunshine and a beautiful sunset for the Ride. This was a different sort of destination with the aim to get to the redeveloped riverside path and stop there and watch the sun set with some chips. No Pub was chosen which some members found hard to get their heads around!

David was the leader and he  led us out through the usual maze of lanes and on to the new estate. Then on to cross the new road. Then it was a path through trees. The path linked with the Barnham path which after the earlier rain proved to have a lot of puddles and mud patches. It was quite strange to see after the summer’s drought. We regrouped at the end of the path.

After passing the Church we turned off via Hill Lane (no hill) and should really be called hole lane. If there was a prize for the most potholed lane in Sussex it would be in the running.

Then it was decent roads via Yapton and onto Horsemere Green Lane

After the Ford Road we turned left onto the cyclepath where John gained a puncture. A few stayed with John while the rest  went on after some discussion to confirm exactly where we were going to. After crossing the main road we took the fairly quiet Ferry Road with the sun setting behind us and turning the clouds ahead of us pink.

Then it was over the footbridge to the east side of the Arun and along River Road before turning off onto the Riverside path, past the Look and Sea and settling down opposite 2 chippies. Where there was a nice view of the river.

It was now 8.45 and one of the chippies, Fred’s was closing and definitely not inclined to get the fryer going again. Luckily Oscars a few doors up and due to close at 9.00 was more accommodating. Julian first as usual got the last of the ready chips but as we ordered they got another batch going which after a little delay was enjoyed by the riverside.

We returned via the footbridge and ferry Road before taking the new cyclepath alongside the main road directly back. Mileage from and back to the Leisure Centre was about 14. My mileage from Pagham was 24.



Sunday 12 August. Ride to Emsworth

Although dry early the weather forecast of rain most of the day proved correct. The original plan for the day was 2 rides, a hilly longer route and a shorter flatter ride meeting up for a picnic lunch at Southsea to view the International Kite Festival. I was due to lead the long ride at 9.00 but nobody turned up so I retired to Costa Cafe to await Harvey who was leading the short ride. More luck with that as we were joined by Bill, Maureen and Samantha so 5 out in all.

By the time we left light rain was starting getting heavier as went along. Harvey took us along Clay Lane bypassing West Ashling and on via Woodmancote where full waterproofs came on. Then we continued via Westbourne and the cycle route to Emsworth and a choice of Heidi’s Cafe for elevenses which had enough room inside out of the rain unlike the Greenhouse Cafe.

We decided in the Cafe that we could do without going further in the rain or get wet watching the Kites so we turned back towards the Woodmancote Arms for lunch instead. Harvey took us back on a different route with a bit of main road before turning off on the Thorney Island road and then the backroads via Prinsted. Then it was inland from Southbourne and on to Woodmancote for lunch.

We managed to spend long enough chatting inside that the rain had almost finished by the time we left. By the time we got back to Chichester at 3.00 the rain had stopped.

The return mileage from Chichester was 21. My mileage from Pagham was 35

My latest picture to be processed was one I took back in June at Highgate Underground Station, London.

For a larger picture and more details see


Saturday 11 August Ride to Pagham Beach Cafe Pagham

There were 17 at Bognor Library including 2 newcomers for this afternoons Ride to Pagham led by Steve and Carol. Despite threatening clouds the Cycle Bognor No Rain Guarantee held up (terms and conditions apply)

Steve led the ride out over the Coach Park and over Highfield Road bridge under the under pass A29 past Tescos onto Rowan Way and along the cyclepath. Because of the numbers out we had split into 2 groups to make it easier for motorists to overtake. Steve led Group 1 and Mike led Group 2 with Carol as back marker on Group 2. As usual Steve and Carol kept in touch with their radios

Then it was left into North Bersted St and on to Chalcroft Lane into Hewarts Lane. Then Rose Green Rd and left into Hook Lane Close for a picture stop with both groups briefly joining up on this dead end lane save for bikes.

After joining Pagham Rd we turned left into Church Way and then right onto the quiet Harbour View Road down to Pagham and our destination of Pagham Beach Cafe. We were able to sit outside on the terrace with some having ice creams and some hot drinks and cakes.

Carol took over as leader on the way back with assistance from Edwin to find the new route into the Aldwick Bay Estate using a footpath from Greenways a close off Cardinals Drive. Then it was back via the Sea Front

Mileage for the afternoon was about 12

Edwin for Steve and Carol

Thursday 9th August, Arun Leisure Centre to The Maypole, Yapton

After the heatwave broke with some torrential rain earlier in the day the skies mainly cleared for the evening and we gained a really good turnout of 15 for the start of the ride at Arun Leisure Centre. John was the leader but we split into 2 groups to avoid causing too much agro to motorists. Graham led Group 2

We set out down the usual back routes via Downview Road and the new estate to cross the bypass near Flansham. Then it was on to Hoe Lane at Flansham, where we joined the cycle track up to Barnham. At the end of the track we briefly regrouped with a photo op.

Arriving at Barnham we took the lane and then the cycle track  to Walberton and a large semi-circle through Walberton Village, North End, then Lake Lane where we took the foot crossing over the railway into Maypole Lane.  The crossing is the look and listen type so we made a careful crossing watching for trains.

The sun was just about setting and the rail lines made a nice composition.

We were greeted at the pub by a small back pug dog which seemed to make a habit of barking frantically at each new arrival despite being told off each time by its owner. It was still just about warm enough to sit outside though temperatures were much lower than of late.

We headed back down Maypole Lane then North End Road before the street lighting appeared in Yapton.  Then it was the usual route via Bilsham, Comet Corner, then Middleton, Felpham, and back to Bognor.

Mileage for the evening from and back to the Leisure Centre was about 12. My mileage from Pagham was 21.


Sunday 5 August Ride to DA Picnic at West Wittering Beach

Today was the annual West Sussex CTC Group picnic held at West Wittering beach. 3 clubs headed down there from Bognor Chichester, Worthing area and Horsham and Crawley. In the end 18 met there as far away as possible from the crowds at the main beach meeting near the Harbour entrance.

For Bognor Chichester Graeme was the leader and he was joined at Chichester Cross by myself Andrew and  Michael Eastham we picked up Graham Annaly soon after leaving so 5 in all.

We took a fairly direct route via West Street and then Apuldram lane to pick up the Salterns Way Cyclepath. On rejoining Apuldram Lane there was a traffic jam of cars heading to West Wittering. We overtook them and then turned right away from the cars to pick up the Salterns Way  to Chichester Yacht Basin. We got to the Boat House Cafe for an elevenses stop. The outside there has been changed from grass to gravel which seems a change for the worse in a dry summer but will no doubt be better in the wet. Graeme was generous as usual and bought us all hot drinks.

Then we continued down the Salterns Way first via Birdham Pool when a kind lady volunteered to take a picture of the group. Graeme was exploring a short way further on.

Then it was on via lanes via Birdham and more paths down to Itchenor. Between Birdham and Itchenor the path has been cut out and widened to much improve the previous singletrack. I heard later that this was due to a very keen Sustrans volunteer moving into the area from elsewhere.

From Itchenor it was more pathways and farm roads all traffic free. Eventually we came out at the far northern end of West Wittering to join the queue of traffic probably jammed up from near Chichester. It was really quite pleasant to overtake them all.

Then it was on to the road to West Wittering Car Park which was packed full of cars. We smugly bypassed the booth charging cars for parking. We went on to the agreed meeting point at the far end by the large Red Flag visible from some distance. This area at the entrance to the harbour is banned to swimming so the beach there had far fewer than the main beach near the car park. It was though much busier than previous years for the picnic which is not surprising with the hot temperatures. We were second to arrive with Horsham Crawley Group already there and Arun Adur arriving 30 minutes later. There were 7 from Horsham Crawley and 6 from Arun Adur

On the return ride Graeme led us and Arun Adur via a private estate back route to pick up the road to East Wittering.

At East Wittering we stopped for Ice Creams at Tesco. Arun Adur led by Richard Boulton decided to move on as they had much further to get home. Again Graeme bought us all ice creams. DISCLAIMER – this is not to be expected of any other leaders!!.

Then it was on via  Bracklesham Bay and then lanes via Earnley, Almodington and Sidlesham Common. Then it was a lane to pick up Route 88 across fields. Then it was back to Chichester via Fisher and Runcton. I peeled off with Michael at South Mundham to take lanes and tracks direct to Pagham. Mileage from and back to Chichester was about 27. My mileage from Pagham was 33.

My latest picture to be processed was taken at Nore Woods near Slindon during bluebell time a few years ago and processed with a special effect in Photoshop I leaned a few weeks ago

For more details and a larger picture see


Saturday 4th August Ride to Bluebird Cafe, Ferring Beach

It was a beautiful day today, sunny and really hot reaching 28C even on the coast with light winds. These were NE on the way out and NW on the way back so head winds both ways but light enough not to matter much. The ride was amended from the original plan of a train assisted ride to Christ’s Hospital, hence the start being at Bognor Station. I (Edwin) was the leader and I was joined at the start by Clair, Alan, Maureen, Harvey, Rosie and Steve. Denise and Mike joined us at Edgcumbes for elevenses so 9 in all out for a full day ride.

From the Station we headed into the Coach Park and across into Hotham Park where we found there was a big event on. Still one of the exhibitors drove a car into the park which we followed in to clear the way of pedestrians. Then it was onto the seafront and later cutting trough the Summerley Private Estate and then into Flansham Park Road and across the main road to Flansham and up the Barnham Path. Then it was Lake Lane and on to Edgcumbes for a much needed break in the shade by 11.15 about 30 minutes late from the ETA I gave Denise.

Clair returned home soon after elevenses so the remaining 8 of us rode the rest of the route. Next it was on to Ford and Littlehampton via the footbridge and then along the seafront with a packed beach very much to be expected for a hot summers Saturday in the School Holidays.

After the seafront we turned off on back lanes and onto private estates. Basically the route through the estates are a real maze. There are roads marked as dead end which can be used by bikes and other roads which are real dead ends. I had planned a route using Google maps highlighted on a printed out copy. It seemed like miles of twists and turns but the benefit is the peaceful absence of the motor car.

Towards the end of the route we found an entry onto the greensward by the sea by footpath with an open gate rather than having to lift the bikes over a gate which we have done in the past further on. Near the sea there was a threatening sign say Cycling is Illegal. This is designed to intimidate cyclists into not using it and ignores the distinction between cycling on a pavement which is a criminal offence and potentially a police matter and cycling on a footpath away from a road which is a minor civil wrong requiring the landowner to sue for damages in the county court, not going to happen.

After a short way we reached our lunch stop of the Bluebird Cafe next to the beach. Despite a big crowd there service was quick and reasonable prices so worth a return visit sometime.

We discussed a different but busier route back but decided to return the way we came with more private estates and absence of traffic.

Back in Littlehampton there was a stop for ice creams. The picture is thanks to Denise, presumably, hopefully these were for more than one person.

We proceeded the short way to The Look and Sea Cafe for a full tea stop.

The return was via the new Cyclepath to Flansham. Return mileage was 30.


Ride to ‘The Crab & Lobster’, Sidlesham, Saturday 28th July 2018

On a sunny and windy day, fortunately less humid of late, thirteen cyclists gathered at Chichester Library, for a ride to ‘The Crab & Lobster’ in Sidlesham.

The group set off from the library heading west towards Westgate, crossing over the mini-roundabout and heading straight on before turning left to pick up the cycle path which runs in front of Chichester College, ending at Chichester Railway Station.

After negotiating heavy traffic passing over the railway crossing, everyone turned right and then left to go down Canal Wharf, left into Basin Road and right into Kingsham Avenue.  Carrying on until the end of the road, the group then turned left at the junction with Whyke Road and right, to pick up the cycle path along Quarry Lane which led to the footbridge over the A27.

Emerging the other side of the footbridge, the group then immediately took a track alongside Vinnetrow Road, which eventually came out into School Lane in North Mundham.  Crossing the road, the group then proceeded to go through North Mundham, picking up Regional Cycle Network Number 88 towards Fisher and eventually emerging at Mill Lane, Sidlesham, the location of ‘The Crab & Lobster’.

The group arrived at the pub at 3.20 pm.  The staff were quite surprised to see so many cyclists and ran out of tea pots for everyone!

Following tea, the group made their way back to Chichester via the same Number 88 path, but changing the route slightly at North Mundham, by heading towards Hunston.  At Hunston, those still remaining in the group headed along the canal path, which by this time was very quiet apart from a couple of fishermen, arriving back in Chichester via the canal basin.

Turning left to reach the junction with Stockbridge Road, the group then turned right, crossed over the railway line and again took the cycle path in front of the Westgate Leisure Centre and Chichester College.  At Westgate, the remaining cyclists headed east back into the city, arriving back in the town at approximately 5.30 pm.