Saturday 23 September Ride to Manor Nursery Cafe

It was a beautiful warm sunny day for the Saturday afternoon ride today with temperatures up to 18C. Graham was the leader and there were 15 of us at the start including Christine, Kathryn, Steve, Carol, Steve2, Michelle, George, David, Julian, Mike, Alan, Frances, Mike2 and Edwin.

Many years ago we used to start the Evening Rides with a Tour of Bognor led of course by Graham. The start of the ride felt a bit like that. Excuse me if I get mixed up but I think I have it about right. We headed out from the Library  west along London Road, then Cresent Road and Queensway and then Ockley Road causing a bit of a stir as we went with car tailbacks.

Then it was a little bit of Linden Road before turning into Havelock Road and into Longford Road still a short way from the Library just across the Railway tracks. Then before the big roundabout a right into Gordon Avenue taking us under the flyover (a new one on me) Then a very short bit of Highland Avenue before taking the cyclepath under the A29 Roundabout and into Orchard Way before turning off onto Durban Road through the Industrial Estate. Then it was right into Ash Grove and up to Rowan Way to North Bersted along the Cyclepath. Then it was onto the Berry Lane Cycleroute to the new Bersted Estate at which point I lost track a bit as it was more streets new to me.

I believe we exited on Elbridge Road Then it was across the new bypass by the roundabout to pick up the Bognor Chichester Cyclepath. We turned off on to Colworth Lane. It was good to see Graham clearly identified as the Ride Leader.

Then it was back to the Cyclepath alongside the main road and then onto the lane via Merston before turning onto a short stretch of the busy Lagness Road to the Cafe. Unusually we sat outside as normally when we visit this location it is too cold. After welcome hot drinks and cakes we got ready to head back. This is a picture of David’s new bike which is actually a refurbished Post Office bike good for trips to the shop. It was notable during the ride for the loud clatter from the basket every time we went over a bump.

After a short stretch south on the main road we turned off on the concrete farm track via Park Farm.

The return to the Library was via the Cycleroute on the Prom to complete a round trip of 12 miles.


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