Sunday 1 October. Ride to Compton

A few words regarding today’s ride. No photos unfortunately.

I was met at the Cross by just Sam and Bob, so only 3 out on today’s ride, which was not surprising given the less than favourable weather forecast. A comparison of weather forecasts seemed to indicate that today’s promised wind and rain would arrive at Fort Nelson (our lunch destination) around noon and at Chichester by 1pm, so we decided to set off on a very flexible route, being prepared to stop and head for home if/when the rain arrived. We took the usual route out to Woodmancote and then on to our elevenses stop at the Village Café in Rowlands Castle. It was still dry and by now quite warm so we were able to sit outside. for once there were more walkers than cyclists at the café and evidently it was muddy going on foot by the look of them.

A  quick look at the weather timings and a  route re-jiggle later we headed off up the Finchdean Road, through Idsworth and over the hill to an early lunch at the village stores Café at Compton. At this point we were strong contenders for the annual CTC award for fewest miles travelled per coffee stop. ( 2 cafes in 18 miles and some of those miles were a return trip to Rowlands Castle when Sam realized he had left his wind proof behind! Luckily it had been handed to the counter staff by another customer) Again the weather was kind enough for us to sit outside at Compton, not many other cyclists around for a change though.

It was then back to Chichester, taking a slightly different route to usual, arriving back at 1pm, just as with almost military precision, the rain started. Not quite sure how we timed it so well!

Total mileage was only 29 miles, however it was a very satisfying ride without really going anywhere! ‘


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