Sunday 8 October. Ride to the George and Dragon, Dragons Green

The weather today was mainly cloudy though dry with light winds and temperatures up to 16C.

The start was 9.00am at Walberton Pond. Russell was the leader and he was joined by Sam, Bob and myself so 4 out on the day. We headed out north via Shellbridge Road and Singleton Common with the leaves just starting to turn.

Then it was a short stretch of main road before turning off on the lane via Madehurst up to Whiteways Roundabout and down to Houghton. We had been passed by classic cars and there was a major event on at Amberley Museum. Then it was on via Amberley and Rackham and passing heather.

Then on to Wiggonholt RSPB Cafe for elevenses.

I had gained a cold a few days ago so decided to head back from elevenses. The rest continued planning to take a route via West Chiltington and passing on a lane near Shripney and on to Dragons Green for lunch. Bob sent some pictures via Smartphone including one of a bike above the Pub door.

Another one shows a Grave in the Pub Garden

Despite cutting short the ride an 8 mile ride to the start meant my mileage for the day was 41.

On Friday I went to London and took in the new Postal Museum and Mail Rail at Mount Pleasant. Mail Rail is a mini underground Railway under London used to transport letters which closed in 2003. It reopened last month to take tourists. I got lucky with a lot of no shows and 4 empty seats in front of me in the glass enclosed mini carriages making for unobstructed views. With a lower shutter speed the walls are blurred.


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