Saturday 14 October. Ride to Blossoms, Cafe Stansted

There were 10 out today on the Saturday Ride to Stansted from Chichester. It was fairly cloudy with sunny spells and a warm and unseasonal 18C due to a flow of warm air from the south. Edwin led in place of Richard who had gone to Yorkshire. He was joined at Chichester Library by Sam, Alan, Chris, Carol, Steve, Bill, Andy, Sue and Kathryn. Sam was there to give Richard a ride on Sam’s electric Bike. Didn’t work out but Sam rode with us anyway for the first time on a Saturday Ride. Bill is a newcomer from Devon staying temporarily in Chichester.

We took a route out via West Street and the South Coast Cycleroute lanes via Woodmancote and then on via Westbourne and a lane via Aldsworth to stop for tea at Blossoms Cafe, Stansted in the Garden Centre. We were separated at the Cafe as some of us went straight to the Garden while others made the error of asking staff about the Garden and being told it was closed. The being closed bit actually meant in practice there were no cushions on the chairs.

The return took in Westbourne before taking a different route back via Southbourne and a lane via Hambrook. Then it was down to the main road and back to Chichester on the cyclepath alongside.

Mileage from and back to Chichester was about 20.


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