Sunday 29 October. Ride to the Club AGM at West Stoke

The mornings ride today was very short just from Chichester to West Stoke Village Hall for the Club AGM.

After a short period of rain early on before the start the weather was fair and mainly sunny with temperatures up to 15C though with a chilly northerly wind. I was the leader and I was joined at Chichester Cross by Martin, Arthur, Russell, David, Bill, Terry and Mike so 8 out on the ride. A lot more went direct to the hall.

We took a fairly direct route west from the center and then along Clay Lane. We then turned off on a little used route along Mouthey’s  Lane to cross the B-Road just east of East Ashling and on to Lye Lane between autumn trees.

We soon arrived outside the small West Stoke Village Hall in plenty of time before the start of the meeting,

At the Hall more members joined some by car and some by Bike including Richard, Dave and Jan, Freda and Jim, Jim Jennings, Colin, Philippa, Chris Dart, Lynn, Graeme and Avryl. A total of 20 attended in all.

After the meeting we made our separate ways back home

My mileage for the day from Pagham was 18

Here is another picture taken at Newhaven during Storm Brian a week ago Saturday. I knew there would be some pretty big waves there and a safe place to take pictures so got a train over there for the event. 1000 pictures taken while there


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