Sunday 5 November. Ride to Rake amended to Compton

The weather today was dry and sunny but quite cold reaching a maximum of 11C. The leader today was Sam with a big bad cold and announced he was only going as far as Compton.  This suited Jeff and Bea who arrived on their tandem.  It was a perfect Autumn day and cathedral bells were ringing by the time Chris arrived so he came on the ride as did Bob. We took the normal route up Centurion Way to the Navies sculpture admiring the open countryside to the west that will soon disappear under housing. Then heading up the lane to West Stoke there were cones across the road where a lorry load of asbestos had been dumped. Hopefully that will soon disappear.

We rode a gradual incline from Walderton to Compton in glorious sunshine to a very full cafe. A roady admired the tandem and Sam’s electric bike.

we got together for a group photo.

Then Bob and Chris headed north while Sam and tandem headed back to Chi via the bumps and West Ashling .

25 miles for the day

Jeff for Sam

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