Sunday 3 December Ride to Compton and Christmas Lunch at The Four Chesnuts, Chichester

The weather today was cloudy but milder than of late reaching 10C by afternoon. About half way to Chichester I realised my camera was back home in the living room, too late! Just 3 of us met at Chichester Cross, myself, Sam and Russell. Bob joined us at Compton and Andrew almost joined us arriving for a coffee just as were leaving. There were 18 in all for the Christmas lunch later at Chichester. I was the leader. Thanks to Sam and his mobile and a member of the Public for the picture.

We headed out via West Street and then the Centurion Way with a lot of wet leaves and then via West Stoke and Funtington. I took a route straight to Compton on the valley road via West Marden. This is a gradual slight uphill all the way made to feel more so by a head on NW wind.

We stopped at Compton Village Tea Rooms for 11s, well 10s really as we arrived soon after 10.00 before the crowds of other cyclists piling in later.

Then we headed back at a much faster speed via West Marden, Racton and Woodmancote. At the west end of Chichester we turned in to Sam’s Road so he could change to an old bike less likely to be stolen. Apologies to Arun Adur who I gather were coming in the opposite direction as we turned off but I didn’t recognize in time.

At The Four Chesnuts, Chichester we settled in to a long (3 hours) 3 course Christmas lunch. Harvey and Mike came direct by bike with the rest coming by car or bus. At the old skittle alley which we used to use for autumn events the new owners had renovated as a new dining area and the food was much enjoyed. Credit to Bob for the picture.

My latest picture to be processed was taken yesterday in areas of The City of London while guiding a group of 15 from Bognor Regis Camera Club round various Photo locations. This one is of the Millennium Bridge and St Paul’s from the South Bank.


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