Saturday 13th January Ride to Manor Nursery Café, Runcton

The weather today was cold and dull but dry.

There were 2 rides today, the original one starting from Bognor Library with 18 out plus an additional ride starting from Chichester Library with 3 out.

So far we have a report for the Chichester Ride sent in by Chris Merrien the leader as follows –

We had a great ride this afternoon. Carol Featherstone and Colin Witt were waiting at the library. I decided that we would do a reasonable distance so we left the city via East Street, through the Hornet and turned at the Four Chesnuts to go down the Oving road. We crossed the A27 and went to Tangmere museum. From there we skirted around the airfield and came to the Gribble Pub. Turned back to go over the Drayton level crossing and then when we got to the A259 we headed down on the cyclepath to the Pink Pub. At the roundabout, we turned down Chalcroft Lane and made our way to the next roundabout. From there we headed towards Lagness and then on to the Manor Nursery. We arrived at 2.20 pm just as the group from Bognor arrived.

All in all it went well.


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