Sunday 11 February Ride to Rotherhill Nursery, Stedham

It was a beautiful clear blue sky day with a westerly wind and very cold. The weather was very similar to last Sunday except for the wind being in nearly the opposite direction. Plenty of woolly hats were in evidence. It started at 3C and later reached 7C though windchill made it feel colder. Sam was the leader and he was joined at Walberton Pond by Russell, Bob and Edwin.

We headed out on the lane up to Fontwell and then the path under the A27. Then it was Slindon Bottom Lane among the trees. After climbing towards Eartham we stopped briefly to regroup and for a picture in the beautiful light.

Then it was on through Eartham and on via a stretch of the main road to the top. We took the ridge road into the cold westerly headwind but with beautiful views towards Halnaker Mill and the coast. Then past Goodwood Racecourse and the steep downhill of Singleton Shoot and on to the Wattle and Daub Cafe at Singleton Open Air Museum and a welcome warm break. The cafe which opened last year provides an additional stop for our rides. We had beautiful views across the small lake from inside the cafe

Jeff Lander had sent texts to say that due to a cold he could not make the ride but would come by car and see us at Singleton. However with the 9.00 start we had arrived at 10.15 and Jeff and Bea arrived just as we were leaving at 10.45. Still Jeff was in time to get a picture of the full group.

I had decided to make it a half day ride and headed home from the Cafe.

The rest continued via Cocking and then lanes via Bepton and on to lunch at Rotherhill Nursery Cafe, Stedham. They then planned to head over towards Harting including a climb up Telegraph Hill and across to Uppark and back via Compton.

My mileage from Pagham was 34 and it would have been 45 miles Walberton and back to Walberton

One of my latest pictures was constructed during the cold and wet of yesterday. The Landscape is Lanzarote and the stars were in a picture taken from Pagham Harbour Wall. The planet and moons were constructed using a rock texture taken in Lanzarote. The planet rings were created starting with some clouds in a picture taken in France. I call the picture “In a Galaxy Far Far Away”


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