Sunday 8 April. Ride to Sumners Pond Cafe and Freewheel Competition

I was the leader for this ride and rode to the start at Walberton Pond at first in the dry and then with increasing rain and a very poor forecast. Russell was the only one to join me but he decided in view of the weather to do his own short ride. With nobody to lead I was free to head to Barnham Station and catch a train to Billingshurst. Then it was a short ride to the Sumners Pond Campsite and their Cafe by the Lake at Barnes Green where the 3 DA Groups were due to meet for lunch prior to the Freewheel

A reasonable Group of 5 arrived from Arun Adur being Richard Boulton, Mick McCormack, Paul Price, Peter Train and Peter Rudd. Unusually nobody arrived to represent Horsham and Crawley so Arun Adur definitely won out in being the most waterproof.

It continued with constant rain while we had lunch but as we left for the Freewheel just after 1.30 it was easing to a stop just in time.

We rode together to the top of the Freewheel Hill where we received instructions from the organiser, Richard.

The hill is a good one for a Freewheel with a long down and then an up at the end to keep competitors close together. Pictures below of Mick and then Peter Rudd.

The winner was Paul Price followed by Peter Train and then Peter Rudd. I was 5th out of 6.

My mileage for the day including getting to and from stations was 24.

The following picture was taken in much better weather on Thursday close to home of a ring of daffodils. It was taken with camera on the ground facing up and with a fisheye lens.


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