Saturday Ride – Bognor Library to Aldingbourne Country Centre

A really lovely spring afternoon today, lots of sunshine and temperatures at 18 or 19 degrees, although an Easterly wind did occasionally serve to just take the edge off otherwise perfect biking weather. There were 11 of us on the ride.

I led Harvey, Sam, Maureen , Julian, Terry, Bill, Steve, Alan. Ann, and Chris from the start point at Bognor library under the subway to Highfield Bridge and Bersted, joining cycletrack from Ash Grove through to the New Estate and then on to the Bognor- Chichester cycle route to Colworth.  Back roads to Woodhorn and Aldingbourne village where en route we stopped to inspect a cornfield that Alan had seen a light aircraft do an emergency landing last year (it had only taken off from Goodwood a few minutes earlier).

I took the group up Norton Lane to the A27 which we crossed without too much difficulty and entered the Aldingbourne Centre via a shortcut, in the “rear” entrance which although a little churned up, wasn’t too muddy at all. It just involved lifting your bike between the bars of a two bar fence!

At the Garden Centre Cafe  we settled down for a  pleasant stop in the sunshine.

On our return, Bill and Chris headed direct towards Chichester, Terry went back to Walberton via Fontwell, and the rest of us went via Level Mare Lane and Northfields Lane to Nyton, then down Nyton Lane to Woodgate crossing. A mile of main road (A29) brought us to Shripney from where it was lanes and back roads via North & south Bersted to complete a circular route back to Bognor town centre.

The round trip mileage from, and back to, Bognor library was 18.0


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