Sunday 22 April Rides to Compton

This was a good idea from Russell of a long and short ride meeting for lunch at the same location at Compton. It was a beautiful sunny spring day for the rides with temperatures up to 20C inland. I was the leader of the long ride meeting at Chichester Cross at 9.00 and I was joined by just Sam and Bob. Arthur led the short ride and he was joined by Lynn, Harvey, Andrew, Graham, Alan, Bob and Gill plus David Glue who went part way.

I led the long ride out first via West Street and then up the Centurion Way before cutting across on lanes to West Stoke. Then it was on a lane via Woodend towards Funtington with beautiful views across rolling hills and fields of Rapeseed Oil. On the same lane we passed woods full of Bluebells. During the day on the ride after the long winter the fresh leaves on the trees were evident plus blossoms and at one point wild garlic on the verge.

From Funtington we headed up the hill and over to Racton and then on via Aldsworth to our elevenses stop in the sunshine at Rowlands Castle.

Then it was a gradual climb past the Golf Course and on via a lane to Horndean. A bridge took us over the A3 and then a narrow lane to Cathrington and on to Clanfield. Then another lane up again coming out by The Hampshire Hog Pub and back over the A3. A nice long descent followed to Chalton followed by a short sharp climb and a stop to regroup, admire the views and for Sam to use his electronic cigarette.

We usually avoid using this lane in the other direction because of the long very steep climb so it was a fast descent. We soon turned off on a lane past Idsworth Farm and a very long but gradual climb over to Compton for our lunch stop were we joined Arthur’s group. They had come a much more direct route with a stop for elevenses at Woodmancote.

We separated for our rides back but meeting up for tea at The Roman Palace Cafe, Fishbourne. For the last stretch back to Chichester we joined up as one group.

On the long ride the mileage from and back to Chichester was 38. My mileage from Pagham was 52.

On the way to the start of the Ride I did my first report this morning on the “I Love West Sussex” Pothole reporting App. This giant hole on Vinnetrow Road nr Chichester seemed an appropriate one to start with. Looks like the white lines the Council put round to show it needs attention have fallen into the hole

This next picture was taken in London last month showing Millwall Inner Dock just south of Canary Wharf.

For a bigger picture and more details see


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