Evening ride- Arun Leisure Centre to Fontwell, The Stable Bar.

In contrast to last week’s evening ride, tonight was 10 or 12 degrees lower with a strong south westerly wind. Not an especially promising evening, but nonetheless 7 turned out for the ride.

I led Michelle, John, Maureen, Steve, Carol and Harvey away round the back of the Arun leisure Centre, up to Bognor Golf club and then the refurbished path through the new estate, crossing the relief road to Stanover Lane and on to the Barnham Cycle track. Stanover Lane although short is very sheltered under trees and in consequence can retain water when other roads have dried out. But it has been improved with a surface dressing. There was a thin layer of mud lying on parts of the surface dressing today, but it was neither sticky nor deep and was negotiated without difficulty. Numerous tyre tracks indicate this cut through is becoming very popular with cyclists.

After clearing the Barnham cyclepath we had a brief stop outside the Church to admire the blossom.

Then a straightforward route followed – To Walberton via the Cycletrack along Barnham Lane, then West Walberton Lane to Fontwell, where I was surprised to see a new cycletrack has been opened alongside the length of London Road and turning down towards the subway. I am sure this was not even started last time we came this way!

We rode the length of London Road to the A27 roundabout, turning into Fontwell Avenue and crossing to the Stables Bar.

For the return route, the plan was to take the path alongside the A27 for about half a mile to Nyton Lane, dropping down through Aldingbourne to Hook lane, then Woodgate Crossing and home. However we had only done a few hundred yards out from the Stables when Michelle got a puncture. And it was a big one. A huge “rock” was retrieved from the tube, which had instantly deflated. Repairs were effected in the pitch black alongside the A27.

After we got going again I decided to cut our losses and we turned down Level Mare Lane to join the A29 north of the Eastergate Memorial. Another short stop to change batteries for a failing light and then heads down for a fast run all the way down the A29 to the Bognor Relief Road. Those heading for Bognor left us there whilst a Felpham/Middleton contingent took the relief road’s cycle path to Flansham and home.

Start to finish it was a modest run of 14.5


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