Ride to Tangmere Aviation Museum Café Saturday 26th May 2018

The weather dawned breezy and sultry for a ride to Tangmere Aviation Museum Café. Eight cyclists gathered at Chichester Library, including Julia, a newcomer.

The group set off from the library heading north towards North Walls, before turning east towards St Richard’s Hospital.  Fortunately, no one wanted to visit the A & E Department (!), so everyone carried on in a north-easterly direction through the Swanfield Housing Estate, using a cycle path to come out near the Bunnings roundabout.

Having crossed over the roundabout, the group continued along Stane Street, which was originally a Roman road and the route of the A27.  At Maudlin, the cyclists veered off to the right along a cycle path signposted to Tangmere.  The route continued for a short way alongside the A27 before everyone diverted into the village.  The group arrived at the café at 2.50 pm.

We had a photo opportunity outside the Museum

Following tea, the group made their way back to Chichester via Tangmere Road and Drayton Lane, to pick up the A259 cycle path towards Chichester.  On arriving at the A27, everyone went over the footbridge and carried on down Quarry Lane, through the industrial estate, to Whyke Road, taking a left and then a right hand turn to go down Kingsham Avenue.  On reaching Stockbridge Road, the group crossed over the railway line and took the cycle path which runs in front of the Westgate Leisure Centre and Chichester College.  At Westgate, the remaining cyclists headed east back into the city, arriving in the town about 4.30 pm.


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