Sunday 27 May Rides to The Victoria West Marden

After earlier forecasts of thunderstorms all day the weather today ended up as dry, mainly sunny and warm with temperatures reaching  23C inland and quite humid.

There were 2 rides today meeting up for lunch at West Marden. Harvey led the short ride starting at 10.00 from Chichester Cross and taking a direct route and with 3 out being Harvey, Gill and Andy. I led the long ride from Chichester Cross at 9.00 taking a more roundabout route and I was joined by Sam, Russell and Bob so 7 out in all. We could very possibly count Chris who said hello at the start and met up with us very briefly at lunch as we were leaving.

I led the long ride out via Clay Lane, Woodmancote and Westbourne, Then it was on via Rowlands Castle into Hampshire and on to Horndean to the Cafe at the Garden Centre. This has recently been taken over by the owners of the Rowlands Castle Cafe improving the quality.

We then retraced our steps briefly before turning off on Woodhouse Lane and then a sharp wooded descent to the lane south of Chalton. Then it was on still slightly downhill to Finchdean where we headed left passing Ibsworth Church sitting alone on a hill. Then it was a long gradual climb over to Compton and on down the valley to join the short riders for lunch at The Victoria, West Marden.

We rode back as a combined group first heading down the valley passing through an especially nice area between woods,

Then it was over a short hill to Funtington and a right onto Watery Lane and down to the Pond at West Ashling for a brief break.

While there some geese on a property adjoining the pond took exception to our presence and came marching towards us making a considerable racket. Luckily they were behind a fence so I was able to get a picture without getting pecked.

We continued back on the usual lanes before turning off and down to Fishbourne Roman Palace Cafe for tea.

As we returned via the railway bridge Arthur and Lynn caught up with us having done their own afternoon ride after being kept from joining the ride by a late departing guest.

Mileage from and back to Chichester was 34 miles. My mileage from Pagham was 45.

I have taken a few other pictures during the week. On Tuesday evening I went to the Evening Cycle Racing at Goodwood Motor Race Circuit. They do 10 events starting in April with just the next 2 Tuesdays left. The picture was taken with a 250mm lens.

Yesterday I rode to Earnley Butterflies and Gardens and one of the shots taken with a macro lens was of 3 butterflies gorging on a rotten Banana.

For more details and a larger picture see


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