Saturday 23 June Ride to West Dean Stores Cafe

It was a beautiful warm day for the Saturday afternoon ride to West Dean Stores and Cafe led by Graeme Hodge. 12 of us enjoyed the ride. Temperatures reached 24C. We met for the start at Chichester Library.

The route out took us via West Street and then Centurion Way northwards and free of traffic. After Lavant we took in the extension to West Dean and then negotiated the steep steps off the old railway path and down to a quiet lane.

From here it was a very short way straight across the main road into another lane to West Dean Village and the Village Stores and Cafe for tea. Apparently one of our group had the last of the cream buns..

For the return we first retraced our steps down the Centurion Way looking very green at this time of year.

From Lavant we headed  on a lane towards West Stoke before turning off on more lanes to West Broyle and back to the Library.

My mileage from Pagham was 26 and the mileage from and back to Chichester would have been about 14.


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