Sunday 24 June Ride to the Parrot Inn Forest Green

It was another warm sunny day with temperatures reaching 24C inland and a fresher 19C on the coast. We met at Walberton Pond. Russell the leader was joined by Sam, myself, Rosie, Paul and Mike. Jeff joined us at Bury so 7 were out in all.

We headed out on the usual route with a narrow lane via Madehurst. Then a fast descent (40.5 mph) down Bury Hill to meet up with Jeff at the junction at Bury Village. Then more lanes via West Burton and north towards Coates. Not much traffic.

We had a narrow escape from Brinkwells Hill as Russell instead took us left towards Little Bognor eventually coming out on the lane to Kirdford. As we took the long descent towards Kirdford Jeff gave a good demonstration over 20 metres of almost but not quite falling off on gravel as he slithered about on the gravel in the middle of the road.

At Kirdford we took a left and a short way on turned into Kirdford Village Stores and Cafe arriving fortuitously between 2 large groups of cyclists to get our orders in for bacon sandwiches, scrambled eggs  ect. Yes it was elevenses not lunch but I think we were feeling the hills.

After elevenses I wanted a shorter ride so headed for home. The rest were planning to continue north via Loxwood and on to Forest Green, Surrey for lunch.

My return took in Petworth, Duncton Hill and a picnic lunch in Eartham Churchyard. Then it was on via Sindon Bottom Road a beautiful tree lined lane.

Then on towards home via Yapton and Middleton and onto Felpham Prom. This is usually very busy on a warm Sunday but not today it still being Match time plus the Cafes normally packed were half empty. Great advantage of riding with no interest in football. I stopped for an ice cream break.

Mileage for me from and back to Walberton was 40. My mileage from and back to Pagham was 60. Doing the full ride would have added another 20 miles to that.

I have processed another picture from my dawn visit to the Bury Hill poppies on 13th June. This one was taken about 30 minutes after sunrise at 5.20am.

For a larger picture and more details see


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