Sunday 1st July 2 Weald Ride to Cranleigh

It was another exceptionally hot day with sunny skies in the morning and more cloud in the afternoon with a NE wind and temperatures reaching 29C. The official ride was to meet for the Horsham Crawley organised Event at the start at Wisborough Green. However I emailed all regular Sunday riders with the option of meeting at 9.00 at Walberton Pond. Harvey and Chris made their own ways there while I was joined at Walberton Pond by Sam and Bob. There were similar numbers taking part from the other 2 groups.

We headed out on the usual route via lanes to Madehurst and temperatures still a reasonable 20C.

Then it was a fast descent of Houghton Hill noticing even so early a great long queue of traffic stuck behind 2 cyclists climbing up on this busy and narrow road. We now try and find another route when coming back. After Houghton it was back to lanes via Amberley. After a brief section of main road past Wiggonholt we turned off on a lane via Broomers Hill. Then it was  lanes via Northwood Farm and a track crossing the Arun and Canal and another lane to Wisborough Green.  We took elevenses here at the Old Mill Cafe. We signed in with Bob from Horsham Crawley.

Then our group and Arun Adur riders headed out together on the northern route. Out of the 4 routes available we both choose northern which has the advantage of least familiar lanes and least hills though all relative with a few little steep ones thrown in. This included on the quiet lane to Drungewick.

We continued north passing the Mucky Duck Pub, nice ring to that ones name. Then on via more lanes letting Richard Boulton from Arun Adur do the leading. At Cranleigh in sight of the North Downs we split up. We headed to Norcutts Garden Centre Cafe, Cranleigh while Arun Adur wanted to go further before lunch.

For the way back we headed south via Dunsfold where we waved to Arun Adur group ensconced at the Pub and on via Plaistow where Chris caught up with us and then Kirdford and back to Wisborough Green and tea at the old Mill Cafe again giving the cheerful owner a fair amount of custom for the day.

Our return took us via Kirdford and lanes south passing east of Petworth. At Kirdford we were behind a tractor and trailer and combine Harvester for a few miles. Sam looked like he very much would have liked to overtake but there was no room even for a bike.

Then it was on via a gradual climb of Duncton Hill. Sam and Bob turned off via the valley road to East and West Dean. I headed back via Eartham and Yapton. Mileage from and back to Walberton was 63. My mileage for the day from Pagham was 85 with 4122ft of climb.

My latest picture was taken last Sunday evening looking from near Pagham Harbour mouth at Pagham north west across the harbour at high tide and sunset.

For more details and a larger picture see


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