Evening Ride Thurs 26 July to The Gribble at Oving

A ride with two starts and one end point.

The ride was to the Gribble at Oving.

10 riders set out from Chichester Cross and went direct via Tangmere.

15 set out from the Arun Leisure Centre and luckily i decided to join them…as I only realized I was supposed to lead the group when i got there!

A good mix of people tonight; regulars, not so regulars, and a new rider Beppy, who we hope to see again soon.

Due to numbers, we split into two groups, one closely following the other. All went well around back streets and over Highfield Bridge to South Bersted where unfortunately one group went one way and one another.

Luckily fail-safe procedures kicked in and we met up again at a pre arranged point.. From there on all went well with no further issues. From South Bersted we cycled to North Bersted and Shripney Lane to Shripney.

Then up the A29 to Woodgate where a slight delay was encountered with half the group getting across the railway crossing and half not, when the barriers went down.

After regrouping we took Hook Lane to Aldingbourne, then Woodhorn Lane around the back of Oving, approaching the Gribble from the rear.  The Chichester group were already well settled into their seats.

For the return ride to Felpham we were joined by another 4 riders who came out from Chichester but wanted to return to Bognor.

The route was straightforward…over the railway bridge and around the lanes to Colworth, Elbridge and then into Bognor via Bersted.

Round trip mileage from and back to the Arun Leisure Centre was 15.0


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