Thursday 9th August, Arun Leisure Centre to The Maypole, Yapton

After the heatwave broke with some torrential rain earlier in the day the skies mainly cleared for the evening and we gained a really good turnout of 15 for the start of the ride at Arun Leisure Centre. John was the leader but we split into 2 groups to avoid causing too much agro to motorists. Graham led Group 2

We set out down the usual back routes via Downview Road and the new estate to cross the bypass near Flansham. Then it was on to Hoe Lane at Flansham, where we joined the cycle track up to Barnham. At the end of the track we briefly regrouped with a photo op.

Arriving at Barnham we took the lane and then the cycle track  to Walberton and a large semi-circle through Walberton Village, North End, then Lake Lane where we took the foot crossing over the railway into Maypole Lane.  The crossing is the look and listen type so we made a careful crossing watching for trains.

The sun was just about setting and the rail lines made a nice composition.

We were greeted at the pub by a small back pug dog which seemed to make a habit of barking frantically at each new arrival despite being told off each time by its owner. It was still just about warm enough to sit outside though temperatures were much lower than of late.

We headed back down Maypole Lane then North End Road before the street lighting appeared in Yapton.  Then it was the usual route via Bilsham, Comet Corner, then Middleton, Felpham, and back to Bognor.

Mileage for the evening from and back to the Leisure Centre was about 12. My mileage from Pagham was 21.


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