Thursday 16th August. Evening Ride to the Riverside area in Littlehampton

There were 12 out for the Evening Ride to Littlehampton tonight. After a day of rain the Cycle Bognor No Rain Guarantee (conditions apply) worked and there were clearing skies, sunshine and a beautiful sunset for the Ride. This was a different sort of destination with the aim to get to the redeveloped riverside path and stop there and watch the sun set with some chips. No Pub was chosen which some members found hard to get their heads around!

David was the leader and he  led us out through the usual maze of lanes and on to the new estate. Then on to cross the new road. Then it was a path through trees. The path linked with the Barnham path which after the earlier rain proved to have a lot of puddles and mud patches. It was quite strange to see after the summer’s drought. We regrouped at the end of the path.

After passing the Church we turned off via Hill Lane (no hill) and should really be called hole lane. If there was a prize for the most potholed lane in Sussex it would be in the running.

Then it was decent roads via Yapton and onto Horsemere Green Lane

After the Ford Road we turned left onto the cyclepath where John gained a puncture. A few stayed with John while the rest  went on after some discussion to confirm exactly where we were going to. After crossing the main road we took the fairly quiet Ferry Road with the sun setting behind us and turning the clouds ahead of us pink.

Then it was over the footbridge to the east side of the Arun and along River Road before turning off onto the Riverside path, past the Look and Sea and settling down opposite 2 chippies. Where there was a nice view of the river.

It was now 8.45 and one of the chippies, Fred’s was closing and definitely not inclined to get the fryer going again. Luckily Oscars a few doors up and due to close at 9.00 was more accommodating. Julian first as usual got the last of the ready chips but as we ordered they got another batch going which after a little delay was enjoyed by the riverside.

We returned via the footbridge and ferry Road before taking the new cyclepath alongside the main road directly back. Mileage from and back to the Leisure Centre was about 14. My mileage from Pagham was 24.


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