Thursday 23 August Evening ride Arun leisure Centre to the Murrell Arms Barnham

It was a fair day with a beautiful sunset though the evening was cooler than of late. With sunset at 8.10 and lights needed well before 8.00 this was understandably the last of our summer evening rides. There was a very reasonable turnout with 12 out at the start and another one meeting us at the Pub.

Russell was the leader and he took us out on a loop trough the estates before taking us on the short cyclepath through the estate to the Flansham bypass. We took the cyclepath alongside the new road towards Flansham with the nearly full moon rising ahead of us.

Then it was across the road and onto the new cyclepath in the Littlehampton direction before turning off at Comet Corner on the lane to Yapton. After a loop via Church Lane we headed on via North End Yapton and after the crossing turned off on Lake Lane heading west towards the sunset.

Then on to Barnham to our stop at the Murrell Arms where we took over a newish shelter presumably intended for smokers. We were somewhat overflowing the small construction.

The return route took us direct down the Barnham Path in the pitch black, something we would not have attempted before the advent of really bright LED bike lights. A brief stop when some of the group split off gave me the opportunity to take a picture.

Then it was on towards Felpham with riders splitting off as we went. The round trip mileage from and back to the Leisure Centre was a modest 10.5 though my mileage from Pagham was 20.


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