Sunday 26 August Ride towards West Meon cut short at Compton

We have had a bit of a run lately of rides not reaching their destinations with the last 2 cut short due to rain or accident. Today was to be no exception. With Russell leading the ride and gaining an unlucky reputation of wet rides the outcome was guaranteed. The ride today was due to go to West Meon. The forecast was rain most of the day and getting heavier as the day went on. Russell was joined at Chichester Cross at 9.00 by myself, Bob and Sam so not a bad turnout considering the weather. The weather started dry with a strong SSW wind and cooler than of late.

We headed out via West Street and then on to the Centurion Way path before turning off onto Hunters Race lane and up to West Stoke. By the time we got to Funtington just 6 miles into the ride the rain had got started and waterproofs came out. Then it was over the hill on Hares Lane towards Racton Then it was along the valley on the B-Road via West Marden with the full benefit of the tail wind and on to Compton for elevenses. We got there before any other cyclists and the local groups seemed to be absent for some reason. Later arrivals were one from Southampton on a tandem with his daughter and a group from Bristol staying the weekend at the Sustainability Centre near Clanfield. As we made ready to leave the rain was upping intensity a little.

We were decided to call it a day and headed back down the valley into the wind but with the compensation of a slight downhill (all in the leaders planning) In a variation from the outward route we headed via Racton and then along Common Road towards Funtington on the main route before turning right and picking up West Ashling Road on the South Coast Cycle Route. We followed this back to Chichester. Mileage from and back to Chichester was 26. My mileage for the day from Pagham was 39.

By the time I was home at about 12.30 the rain was getting much heavier coming in from the NW but with a southerly wind. As I turned into the wind it was driving such that I was stopping every half mile to clear water out of my eyes.

On Saturday I went to the Arundel Festival and also to take pictures of the There but not There installation at Arundel Cathedral. This has transparent sitting silhouettes and the 6ft high standing silhouettes depicting soldiers lost in the first World War;


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