Sunday 28 October Ride to Club AGM at West Stoke

Three of us (myself, David Sinclair and Michael Eastham) met at Chichester Cross to go for a short ride to West Stoke for the Section AGM, the weather was bright but pretty cold in a stiff wind. We set out towards Fishbourne picking up Andrew close to the, sloping bridge, then the four of us went past the Roman Palace, and Andrew showed us an alternative route through the park which took us out to Blackboy Lane, so cutting out the main road entirely. We took from there Old Park Lane to Bosham, and as the tide was out went over the path across the end of Bosham Channel exposed at low tide. I tried to persuade the other three to go for a dip for the photo but they declined as the tide was out.


Then we took the road past the station to Clay Lane, then Mouthey’s Lane to West Stoke, so about a 10 mile ride out.

There were a total of 17 at the meeting. The full roll call was Edwin Jones, Arthur Smith, David Sinclair, Harvey Probert, Lynn Smith, Jim Jennings, Michael Eastham, Mike Lambourne, Philippa Neville, David Neville, David Parsons, Graeme Hodge, Jeff Lander, Bob Birtwell, Chris Dart, Roland Seber and Julie Rand. Some arrived by bike and some by car. Julie Rand is the officer at Cycling UK responsible for local groups. The meeting started at 10.40 and finished at 11.40. There was a long discussion on Cycle Routes and Planning

After the meeting three of us (myself, Michael and Harvey) went through Funtingdon up to Compton, where we had a cuppa. Then we took the right hand turn after Compton to go up the steep hill beside Telegraph Hill.


Then continued past Apple Down to Fourways where we parted company.  Harvey turned right to East Marden, while Michael and I turned left to North Marden, returning to Chichester on the main road through Chilgrove. My total mileage from and back to Chichester was 31.

Bob Birtwell

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