Sunday 30 December. Ride to Compton

A dismal but dry day for the advertised ride to Compton. The number out on the ride today depends when you counted them . In all for the day I think 18 which augers well for the New Year. Out at various times were Jeff, Graham Annaly, Bill, Roger, Chris, Christine, Russell, Michael, Sam, Gill, Paul, Julia, Maureen, Tony, Rosemary, Jason, Tim and Ann.

With Bob still nursing his knee , the lead was up for grabs.  Jeff offered to lead and provide a circular route and despite concern about the hills on the way, we set off up Centurion Way . By the time we reached West Dean we lost two going for a faster ride and two to West Dean village shop for a shorter ride.  So a dozen enjoyed the  scenic ‘motor road’   which is an undulating back road to Chilgrove. Here we stopped for a photocall before tackling the B road climb in groups of 4 as instructed.

30Dec18emerging onto chilgrove road

Everyone made it .   On our way to Compton we were joined by Paul Bayliss out on his new bike making 13 in all. We continued via North Marden and then up again to a hill above East Marden and a stop to regroup.

30Dec18regroup above East Marden

We then continued on the lane to Compton village shop for lunch.

Due to a staggering of orders there was a staggering of service which resulted in Jeff, Mike, Tim and Paul shooting off leaving the rest.  ( Sam honourably stayed with the main group lead by Russ )  Mike led the early leavers down to Walderton  at 20 mph plus, then Jeff took over with only one variation back to Chichester which included Blackboy Lane and through the Fishbourne Sports Field.    The ride distance was 25 miles as advertised.


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