Saturday 13 April. Ride to Aldingbourne Country Centre

Sat13April19StartThe first of our Saturday rides since the clocks went forward meant a 2pm start from Bognor library. An excellent turnout of 17.

I led Richard, Steve, Alan, Maureen, Sam, Kim, Julian, Mike, David, Chris, Suzanne, and  Clair with Emma, Jeanette, & Barbara through the back streets on one of our normal contorted routes via the ALC to Bognor Golf Club, then the cycle track through the new estate to join the Barnham cycle track.

Just before we had completed the trip along Stanover Lane however,  Maureen had a slight accident when a small branch caught in her wheel and toppled her over. Luckily (or not) a puddle broke her fall.  She continued albeit a bit soggy.

At Barnham we continued on the cycle route to Walberton, turning down Eastergate Lane to join a quiet A29  for about 300 yards then into Level Mare Lane up to the A27. We crossed this without incident with the assistance, astonishingly, of 2 vehicles which stopped to let us cross. There is no previous report of this ever happening!

On the other side of the A27 it was a shot half mile ride up a quiet lane to the country centre and their fab new building. However just after crossing the A27 I noticed my back tyre was looking a little flatter than it had when we set out. I made it without difficulty to the country centre when with Mike’s able assistance we changed the tube and found the culprit to be a small but very sharp flint. When the old tube came off unfortunately the rim ribbon snapped which presented a bit of a problem. However with the very kind loan of a roll of sellotape from Aldingbourne’s gift shop, a temporary fix was effected.



Whilst this was going on a small rain shower came down. Luckily our “no rain guarantee” was in force. It had stopped when we set off for home again so all the riding time was in the dry.  Thus the guarantee held ( as usual).

Maureen, Sam and Kim had to get back so left us to take a direct route home. For the rest,  I took the riders a little further north via Halnaker Barn Lane down to the Winterton Arms where we crossed back over the A27 again (no cars stopped this time).  Then Aldingbourne village, Woodhorn,  Colworth, and back to central Bognor via North Bersted to complete a circular ride of just a tad over 19 miles.


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