Saturday 27th July Ride To Russells Garden Centre, Birdham


Carol & Steve lead the ride today as Philippa was unwell, (hope you are feeling better soon Philippa we all missed you) It was a bit of a quick put together ride as Carol and I had only just finished cleaning our bikes so didn’t want no any road tracks after the rain that morning.


We set off from Chichester Library and made our way towards Chichester Bus Station passing through the Tech College grounds , we turned left at the Police Station and made our way out to the A27 via Quarry Lane Industrial estate. We crossed the A27 via the footbridge into Vinnetrow Rd and came out at North Mundham School. Then  a right turn to take us out to the Selsey Rd through Hunston past the Golf Course then right into Green Lane. At this point we stopped to check everyone was ok, then it was off again to Chichester Marina where we had a mechanical adjustment to make to Catherine’s brakes, a quick squeeze with some Pliers and we were away, thanks for your assistance Roy. We crossed the Canal on the footbridge and took the Salterns way which was now drying out quite nicely to Birdham, then on the main Road to Russells Garden Centre on the left.


After securing our bikes to pallets, fencing or post we set about tackling some lovely Tea, Coffee, and Chocolate drinks, and cakes and sandwiches. Time passes quickly when you’re enjoying yourselves and soon it was time to leave, the group split into 2 and thank you to Ian as he lead the first group back to Chichester, Carol and myself lead the 2nd group back to Bognor who were a little bit naughty as we stopped at the Gribble inn for extra refreshments. Well it had now become quite warm and you need to keep your fluid levels up.

Although the day had started quite wet and miserable it was a lovely Cycle ride and we hope to see our new riders Jenny, Kate, and Gail again on future rides

Thank you to everyone

Carol and Steve

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