Thursday 15 August Evening Ride to Littlehampton Seafront and Fish and Chips

It was a beautiful evening for the club Fish and Chips Ride to Littlehampton with blue shies and temperatures starting at 20C. The earlier strong winds died down by evening. John was the leader and 10 in all started out from Arun Leisure Centre including 3 newcomers. Julian joined us at Littlehampton.


We headed out on the usual route through back streets and the new estate before crossing the bypass and along a pathway to the Barnham Track. The pathway first was a little damp with low hanging vegetation. The Barnham Path was in better condition being mainly dry with the occasional puddle. We came out by Barnham Church with the gate unusually open and then straight up Church Lane.


From Barnham we took a quiet Lake Lane to Yapton North End. After waiting for 2 trains at the crossing we took Ford Lane across to Ford Road and south past the prison. Then on via back lanes to Ferry Road to the Foot Bridge and into Littlehampton.

By the riverside there are 2 chippies. One Freds was still open at 8.45 and we got our supplies and settled down on the prom beside the river.


As the sun had set it was a pleasant scene looking north up river


For the return we retraced our route to start before taking the cycle path alongside the A259 and taking different routes home from Middleton and Flansham. The distance from and back to the Leisure Centre would have been about 18 miles My distance from and back to Pagham was 26 miles. For the route see map below.



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