Sunday 1 September Sussex Churches Ride

It was a perfect day for the ride today with clear blue skies with scattered clouds and temperatures up to 20C. Apart from our group there were members out from Horsham Crawley and Arun Adur and a total of 18 rode the route. 5 of those were from Bognor Chichester with 7 from Horsham Crawley and 6 from Arun Adur. I had prepared detailed route sheets to find the way. Although the option was there to go round individually in general people went round as Section groups with one person checking the route as they went. The start was at Wiggonholt RSPB Reserve cafe leaving at 10.00 after an early elevenses.


The route involved visiting various Churches including Wiggonholt, Greatham, Coates, Graffham, Heyshott, Cocking, Selham, Sutton, Bignor and Bury. Some of the Churches were up dead end roads and never seen before on a ride. The route involved either a shortened ride of 30 miles or a full route of 40 miles. Horsham Crawley did the short ride and Bognor Chichester and Arun Adur did the long Ride

I went on the first part of the ride with the first one at nearby Wiggonholt Church up the dead end Church Lane. There were simple questions on the route at the Churches to prove attendance at each Church with participants directed where to find the answer. In this case the question was “On the sign at the start of the path to the Church it states it has been used for Christian Worship since which Century” The answer on the noticeboard is 13th Century”


Next it was Greatham Church up a dead-end lane and up a footpath where Harvey was sent on to find the answer. Sam was determined to make good time with no time to be lost looking round Churches much to Bobs frustration!


Then it was on to Coates Church on a narrow lane where many cars were parked for a Service, cars trying to get by and lots of cyclists adding to the chaos as Horsham Crawley caught up with us


Last year some people speeded round without lunch so I turned back at Barlavington to be back to accept Route sheets. Not needed this time as it turned out as everybody stopped for lunch. Bognor Chichester stopped at The White Horse Graffham, Horsham Crawley at The Forresters Graffham and Arun Adur at The Country Inn, Bepton.

Below is a shot of the last Church on the route at Bury at the end of another Church Lane. This was taken earlier when scouting the route and processed for HDR


Bognor Chichester arrived back at Wiggonholt at 2.45 followed by Horsham Crawley and then Arun Adur. For winning the event there were tie break observation questions for those who went to all 10 Churches. Peter Train of Arun Adur won answering all 4 questions correctly. With the Churches Ride the DA Events for the year are finished. Horsham Crawley came first with most Event attendances and Bognor Chichester were second. Dave Fox of Arun Adur won the individual by being the only person to attend all 5 Events. Full Results can be seen at the DA Website at


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