Sunday 10 November Ride to Pulborough and the DA AGM

On Sunday it was a remarkably sunny day after recent weather. Three of us met at Walberton Pond for a ride to the AGM at Pulborough Village Hall on Sunday 10th; myself, Maureen and Harvey. Our expected leader Sam was not well, so I led and thought as we had time it would be good to go the relatively traffic free route rather than the A29. So we went up through Madehurst to Whiteways, and down Houghton Hill to turn off to Amberley and thence to Wiggonholt. I didn’t know the route from there, but Harvey led us round the bend (so to speak) to Pulborough. We had made good time, arriving at about 10 for the meeting which started at 10.30.

There was pretty good attendance for the AGM, ably chaired as usual by Bob and in an election shocker all the current officers were re-elected unopposed. Edwin plus Dave and Jan Parsons had come up separately; Dave had won the cup for the best Peddler article, and Edwin in his report took the meeting through the trauma of the Great Decision regarding Dissolution-And-Resurrection-With-Affiliation versus Staying-As-We-Are-But-Not-Quite, with the drama of the discussion (the meeting went “Ooooh!”), followed by the tied vote (the meeting went “Erhhhh!”), then the second tied vote (the meeting went  “Eeeek!) followed by the chairman’s casting vote (the meeting went “Aaahhh!”) by which time there was hardly a dry eye in the house.

There were other things going on as well which I sadly couldn’t really hear, so as usual I just clapped when everyone else did.

Afterwards we retired to the Oddfellows Arms. I’m not sure if they were having a temporary crisis or if there has been a change of policy, but there was only very limited basket meals on offer, in contrast to their previous far more solid menu, but it was ok, and good conversation with our Horsham and Arun companions compensated for the food. We returned a different way from the outward journey, travelling west; Edwin joined us as far as Pulborough Station and we continued through Stopham to Fittleworth, where again I wasn’t quite sure of the route, but with Harvey’s help we turned south, then west again through Coates to Barlavington, and up Duncton Hill. I turned right after that to go through the East Dean and Charlton, then up to the racecourse and back through Lavant; Maureen and Harvey continued on the Petworth to Chichester road.

My mileage was 47 (75 kilometres), so about 40 (64 k) from Walberton.


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