Saturday Ride 23rd November from Chichester Library to Hilliers Garden Centre,

 Six cyclists gathered at Chichester Library, namely Philippa (leading), Steve, Maureen, Terry, Dave & Lucy, for a ride to Hilliers Garden Centre in Bosham.  The weather was dull and overcast, but it was nonetheless fairly mild for the time of year and, most importantly, dry.

Heavy rain was forecast for later on in the afternoon, so Philippa decided to lead a short ride around the Bosham Hoe loop.

The group set off and made their way towards West Street and Westgate.  Crossing over the roundabout at Westgate, they continued down towards the footbridge over the level crossing, to take them into Fishbourne Road East.  The route then continued under the A27 and along the cycle path past Fishbourne Roman Palace and soon emerging onto the A259.  A left turn was then taken down Old Park Lane providing much relief from the busy traffic.

At the first t-junction, the group turned left to go down Hoe Lane in a southerly direction.  The road then bent round to the west to change into Smugglers Lane and north, changing into Lower Hone Lane.  Before too long, the group was greeted with the magnificent view across the water from Shore Road to the village of Bosham, and everyone stopped for a moment whilst Philippa took some photos.


Unfortunately, at this point, poor Terry toppled from his bike.  Fortunately he was unhurt, save for being bruised and rather shaken up.  After checking that Terry was able to continue cycling, Philippa led the group down Stumps Lane and then on to Taylors Lane where the wind whipped across the open fields, slowing down the pace.

At the end of Taylors Lane, heading north, everyone took a right turn into Walton Lane and then another right turn into Chequer Lane, emerging onto the A259.  From there, it was a short trip along the cycle path to Hilliers Garden Centre, arriving at approximately 2.15 pm.

At Hilliers, we met up with Steve’s wife, Carol, and their delightful 3-year old grandson, Otto, who provided much amusement.  Whilst tucking into tea and cake (and the odd early mince pie!), the group noticed that the weather had deteriorated and had turned into heavy rain.  The route back was direct – straight along the A259 cycle path – as it was the quickest option back to Chichester!  The time of arrival back in town was approximately 3.45 pm.


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