Sunday 16th August Ride to Cocking

Four intrepid souls set out from Chichester Cross at 9.00am today: Alan, Harvey, Robert and Michael. We headed out to West Ashling and Funtington and on to Compton, South and West Harting, before stopping at Durleighmarsh Farm Cafe for cakes, hot chocolate and Indian Chai.

1. Durleighmarsg

The next part of the battle plan looked simple on paper: head to Cocking for lunch via Rogate, Stedham and Didling, then in to Bepton and Cocking. Suffice to say, we did arrive in Cocking after putting the World to rights in Alistair Campbell; the last 12 months of the life of Diana, Princess of Wales – who we all agree was ‘in the wrong place, at the wrong time, with the wrong man!’; we devised our own re-construction plan for post war Iraq following the BBC2 groundbreaking series: ‘Once upon a time in Iraq’; and we all had a good moan about the cost of eye tests and the expense of purchasing a new pair of spectacles.

On the way to Cocking we stopped to admire the German POW’s grave and the plague pit in Bepton Churchyard.



Lunch was well worth waiting for: pepper and feta soup and bread rolls in the community run pub in Cocking.


The ride home was a moist affair, cycling up over Cocking Hill and Charlton Hill and then down Sculpture Hill in the rain; and then being exposed to the elements cycling across Tangmere airfield. We all had great fun and clocked up to 53 plus miles each.


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