Sunday 13th September Ride to Kirdford

Four Out.

Paul, Michael, Robert & Myself.

Singleton, Cocking, Heyshott, Graffam(Coffee)

Seaford College, Sutton, Bury, Houghton(Breakfast),


Pulborough, Garden Centre (No lunch) 11.55AM. Fittleworth, Bedham hill, Kirdford (Coffee: Lunch!),

North Chapel, Lurgashall, Lodsworth, Selham, Cowdary Polo, Heyshott, Cocking(Ice cream) Home.

72Miles Back in Chi 4.00PM . Max:43.5MPH down Cocking. Av: 13.1. MPH. Climbing : 4159’-00 Max Gradient: 20% Bignor Mill Hill

Michael has some pretty pics!!


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