Sunday 13th December, Today’s Mission Impossible

Code: CTC Club ride to Gartons. Doesn’t Club ride mean more than One up to maximum 6?

A Failure due to adverse weather conditions.  Aborted at Greenham School.

Great difficulty was encountered negotiating the banks of the Mississippi (known locally as the Ems Valley) to the point beyond Greenham School where all trace of a route north to South Harting  via Chilgrove, Gone!!  With no access to the banks.  An executive decision was made at this point to abort the adventure. Forgotten to pack & wear Flippers and Snorkel & lost 2 bladed oar en route to Rowlands Castle!!  However this was a human failure.  To continue to persevere  to lead an abnormal life!!  No motor failures were encountered (different bike) to yesterday’s reconnoitre, and no punctures (The “Birtwell Gossamer” Durano dumped)  and a Marathon plus fitted.  Due to speedos going for a swim! ! Only total mileage recorded. 39 Miles Thank you for your company  and look forward to our next “Triathlon” 

Sam Roberts

Editors Note This is what happens to Riders who ignore the cancellation of a Ride due to adverse weather!!

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