Sunday 2 May Half Day Short Ride to Edgcumbes

Today there were 4 people out on the long Ride and 6 on the short Ride. Harvey was the leader of the short ride and he was joined at the start at Chichester Cross by Maureen, Jean, Richard Smith a newcomer, myself (Edwin) and Alan.

It was decided at the start to make it a half day ride as the destination was quite close. Despite threats of showers in the forecast and threatening clouds nearby from time to time we steered clear of the rain save for a few spots.

Harvey led us via Westhampnett and the cyclepath cutting across to Tangmere. Then the path across the airfield and backroads to the Oving Straight. Then a minor road  across to Woodgate and after a sort stretch on the A29 we took a path cutting across to the Wilkes Head , Eastergate and Church Lane round to pick up the Barnham Road.

We soon left this rather busy road to turn off onto a private estate to bypass Barnham. We then picked up Lake Lane to Yapton before taking Ford Lane to Edgcumbes Café which is not far from Ford. I got in first and as a crowd moved in I had to wait a while for everyone to join me round the back where it was initially fairly quiet.

We headed back via Yapton towards Middleton where various people peeled off en route. Mileages will have varied a lot but mine was 24 for the day.


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