DA Picnic Ride West Wittering Beach Sunday 1 August

For our group the attendance for this Event was quite disappointing with only 3 out, Harvey the Leader plus myself  (Edwin) and Maureen. We were also joined by Peter Wilson from Arun Adur Group who was looking for a shorter ride. The weather was dry with some sunshine with no rain until the return to Chichester.

We headed out via the canal path to Hunston closely followed by Horsham Group though unknown to us as nobody in our group looked behind and they took a different route from Hunston. Meanwhile we took a sharp right onto another section of the canal path first to Donnington and then to Chichester Yacht Basin. These parts of the path tough turned out to be in much poorer condition than the path to Hunston with a lot of vegetation and nettles to dodge..

We had originally intended to stop for elevenses at the Boathouse Café at Chichester Yacht Basin. However this was as busy as usual with a long queue. However Maureen had heard of another place nearby so we went on to the Chichester Yacht Club were they were serving coffee and Cakes from a window.

We continued via Birdham Pool and the Salterns Way Path to Itchenor and after some back roads continued on the Path to West Wittering. The short stretch of main road we had to do was much less busy than usual probably  due to the limited parking which has to be booked (not required for bikes)

We rode to the far end of the beach parking and East Head and the quieter no swimming area and the meeting up area where we found 5 from Horsham Group. About 7 from Arun Adur arrived much later

After a pleasant picnic lunch we headed back via East Wittering and Piggery Hall Lane towards Itchenor and then retraced on the Salterns Way to Birdham Pool and stopped for tea at yet another Café which we had clocked on the way out and not visited before.

We returned on the rest of the Salterns Way via Appledram and got back to Chichester just as the first light rain started.

Mileage Chichester and back to Chichester was 22.


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