Saturday Ride from Chichester Library to Shoreside Cafe, Bosham Saturday 9th October 2021

On a glorious Saturday afternoon of sunshine, a small group of three of us gathered at Chichester Library for a ride to Shoreside Cafe in Bosham: Philippa Neville (leading), Edwin Jones and Dawn Latimer.

The group set off and we made our way towards West Street and Westgate.  Crossing over the roundabout at Westgate, we continued down towards the footbridge over the level crossing into Fishbourne Road East.  The route then continued under the A27 and along the cycle path past Fishbourne Roman Palace and soon emerging onto the A259.  A left turn was then taken down Old Park Lane providing much relief from the busy traffic.

The original plan for the ride was to cycle around Bosham Hoe and take in the timeless view from Shore Road across to Bosham Quay; however, this wasn’t practical as a particularly High Tide had been forecast.  

Instead, at the first t-junction, the group headed north, taking Taylor’s Lane and then Bosham Lane into the village.  Interestingly, at that point, we met up again with two cyclists who had sped past us earlier in the direction of Bosham Hoe, but whom had been forced to turn back by the High Tide!

On arrival at Shoreside Cafe, we met up with Roy Wasdell, who had cycled up from Emsworth to join us for tea and cake.  Discussion took place regarding the best route back to Chichester.  As High Tide was very much still in evidence, it was decided to again avoid cycling around Bosham Hoe.

As an alternative, it was decided to head back along Bosham Lane, where we said ‘goodbye’ to Roy at the junction with Delling Lane.  The remaining three members of the group then continued into Walton Lane and then Chequer Lane onto the A259 cycle path back to Chichester.

The time of arrival back in town was approximately 3.30 pm.


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