Sunday 16 January Short Ride to the Forge Slindon

Weather today was reasonable being dry with fog to start clearing to sun later and temperatures milder than of late up to 10C. Turnout was very good with 8 out on this short ride and 6 on the long ride to Wisborough Geen.

We started 10.00 at Chichester Cross led by Harvey. Also out were Arthur, Maureen, Edwin, Rebecca, Adam, Rosemary and Jason.

We headed out on quiet back roads to get to the Cycle Bridge over the A27 to join the Cyclepath alongside the A259 before turning off on Drayton Lane. We were split by a train at the Level Crossing and waited on the Oving Road. We looked at a Buzzard on a Telephone pole ahead of us not visible in the picture unfortunately due to distance and fog.

We continued on the Oving Road to Aldingbourne where we turned off on Hook Lane to join the A29 at Woodgate. After a short way heading north on the main road we turned right on Ivy Lane a dead end for cars but for us we continued on a cyclepath to pick up Church Lane by The Wilkes Head. We came out on the Barnham Road and took that towards Barnham for a short way before entering a private Estate on Downview Road and passing Harvey’s house. The route forms a quiet roads bypass for Barnham. We came out on Barnham Lane to pick up the Cyclepath to Walberton. Then it was up to Fontwell, by now in the sunshine and under the A27 to pick up a beautiful lane through Slindon Woods.

The Lane is called Slindon Bottom Road and from there we had to get to a lane called appropriately Top Road requiring a tough hill to get to it.

We descended to a leisurely early lunch/late elevenses at The Forge Café, Slindon where we occupied one of the very long tables. Eventually we got ready to leave.

We took an easier more direct route back making our own ways home from Barnham.

Edwin Jones    

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