Sunday Ride to Aldingbourne 20 March 2022

There were 2 Rides today, a long Ride to Wickham with 6 out and this short ride to Aldingbourne also with 6 out. Arthur was the leader and he was joined at Chichester Cross by Lynn, Edwin, Harvey, Jason and Rosemary. The day was mainly sunny though with a cold easterly wind.

The first picture was of the group at the start taken by Edwin

The second picture was taken by Arthur

The group set out via West Street and then via The Centurion Way to Lavant. Then it was along the Goodwood Straight past the airfield and motor track. Work was being finished ready for the 79th Members’ Meeting which will be held on 9-10 April.

We took Park Lane east towards Halnaker and then down to Boxgrove. This used to have a very good sit down Café where we aimed for elevenses. Unfortunately they are now takaway only. We instead headed up the road to the Anglesey Arms, Halnaker but it turned out they were not an early opening Pub and were shut to 12.00

Instead we opted to give up on elevenses and continue direct to Aldingbourne. We headed up the A285 for a short hill before turning off on the much quieter Thickett Lane and then down  Blackmill Lane past Mount Noddy straight to Aldingbourne Country Centre Café.

There were not too many kids around so it was quite peaceful for us to enjoy our early lunch. After we headed for the tunnel under the A27 at Fontwell where we split up making our own ways home. Mileage from and back to Chichester was about 25.

Edwin Jones

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