Sunday 10 April Ride to the AGM Lavant

It was a beautiful sunny day for the event though a little chilly at a maximum of 12C. Edwin was the leader who was joined by Adam Bell, Rebecca Olds, Maureen, Harvey, Jeff and Bob. We were joined at the Hall by David and Michelle and Arthur and Lynn all by bike plus Graeme making 12 out for the day.

The start at 9.30 coincided with a Palm Sunday Event with priests and 2 Donkeys.

The route was fairly straightforward being up Centurion Way and then on to the Hall next to Lavant Village Green. We had moved to a larger Hall due to Covid. This one was Covid Secure with Seats well apart and windows opened plus many hand wash stations. Graeme helped a lot by opening up and setting up in advance

Arthur chaired the meeting. We made our own ways back after the meeting.