26 March Ride to Butser Hill

8 out of 10 cyclists, they know who they are, turned up on a wet dismal day to ride to Butser Hill Roundhouse Cafe. 2 out of the 10 originally booked cancelled when they saw the rain in the morning.

 The ride started on Centurion Way and diverted onto the Florida marshlands riding on boardwalks overlooking lakes and marshes before returning and riding up to the Chichester Navvies sculpture and Maze then onto West Stoke. A different route to Compton for elevenses, via Watery Lane and Common Road. It turned out to be twelveses due to diversions and later start to compensate for BST .  Some liked it, some didn’t ( the later start time that is ).

I gave the group the option of a shorter ride as it was a grim day but almost all voted to go the distance.  ( I voted for the shorter ride) , (Maureen abstained )  So on we went up to Buriton and  eventually up the long hill to the Cafe where the skies were clear enough to see the Isle of Wight.   

On the return via Charlton , where Max peeled off, we stopped to help an adventurous couple from Guildford  sort out a broken chain, well Adam did !  Good turn done we returned to Rowlands Castle where the group split , some to head home, some to stop for a drink.  A new rider, Graham said he enjoyed it, but we shall see if he was telling the truth if he comes again!

Jeff Lander

Note cast of characters – Jeff (leader) Maureen, Sam, Adam, Max, Bob, Paul and Graham

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