Sunday 11 February Ride to Rotherhill Nursery, Stedham

It was a beautiful clear blue sky day with a westerly wind and very cold. The weather was very similar to last Sunday except for the wind being in nearly the opposite direction. Plenty of woolly hats were in evidence. It started at 3C and later reached 7C though windchill made it feel colder. Sam was the leader and he was joined at Walberton Pond by Russell, Bob and Edwin.

We headed out on the lane up to Fontwell and then the path under the A27. Then it was Slindon Bottom Lane among the trees. After climbing towards Eartham we stopped briefly to regroup and for a picture in the beautiful light.

Then it was on through Eartham and on via a stretch of the main road to the top. We took the ridge road into the cold westerly headwind but with beautiful views towards Halnaker Mill and the coast. Then past Goodwood Racecourse and the steep downhill of Singleton Shoot and on to the Wattle and Daub Cafe at Singleton Open Air Museum and a welcome warm break. The cafe which opened last year provides an additional stop for our rides. We had beautiful views across the small lake from inside the cafe

Jeff Lander had sent texts to say that due to a cold he could not make the ride but would come by car and see us at Singleton. However with the 9.00 start we had arrived at 10.15 and Jeff and Bea arrived just as we were leaving at 10.45. Still Jeff was in time to get a picture of the full group.

I had decided to make it a half day ride and headed home from the Cafe.

The rest continued via Cocking and then lanes via Bepton and on to lunch at Rotherhill Nursery Cafe, Stedham. They then planned to head over towards Harting including a climb up Telegraph Hill and across to Uppark and back via Compton.

My mileage from Pagham was 34 and it would have been 45 miles Walberton and back to Walberton

One of my latest pictures was constructed during the cold and wet of yesterday. The Landscape is Lanzarote and the stars were in a picture taken from Pagham Harbour Wall. The planet and moons were constructed using a rock texture taken in Lanzarote. The planet rings were created starting with some clouds in a picture taken in France. I call the picture “In a Galaxy Far Far Away”



Sunday 4th February Ride to Ashington

It was a beautiful sunny day today marred only by the cold temperatures from 2 to 5C and a strong NNE wind bringing a high windchill. I headed out to the start at Walberton stopping briefly near Bersted to take a picture of the Bognor Rife.

I was the leader and I was joined at Walberton by Sam and Bob in high spirits.

Then it was on via Madehurst and up to Whiteways. Then a steep descent of Houghton Hill and on via backroads  through Amberley and Rackham. We stopped briefly in the sunshine taking due note of a sign cautioning us about Hedgehogs crossing.

Then it was on to Wiggonholt to warm up and an early elevenses and spotting from the widows a herd of Deer in the field below. When I took a picture Sam and Bob decided the Blog needed an injection of drama

Then it was on via Stream Lane and West Chiltington. Sam was cutting down on the use of electric assist so as to warm up. Then it was on to the Coolham road and for a direct route we turned off on the Billingshurst Road straight to Ashington. The Jungle Tea Rooms is just south of Ashington in the Big Plant Nurseries. The Tea Rooms opened last year and was suitably warm. We all had a hot soup.

For the return route we headed south via Wiston and then a stretch of the A283 to Washington. We climbed the Downs on the old road (the old Hill Climb Event road) Then it was a fast descent on the A24 to Findon and west on the Long Furlong Road with some great views but a bit too busy. Then it was a turn off on the empty road of the old A27 past the turn for Patching and on to a road under the A27 and down to Angmering. Then backroads via  Rustington and Littlehampton seafront. As we approached our tea stop we coincidently met John Maxim on the way back from Rowlands Castle. He decided to join us for tea at the Look and Sea Centre Cafe.

After tea we headed back with us spitting at Yapton as I took a left towards Middleton while Sam and Bob headed straight on towards Chichester.

Mileage from and back to Walberton would have been about 40. My mileage from Pagham was 55.

My latest picture is taken from Bognor Beach and is not sunrise but the Supermoon rising on Wednesday. The yellows and reds came because the moon was partly obscured by clouds coloured by the sun which had set 15 minutes before in the opposite direction. Moonlight also gains colour when it is low in the sky having more atmosphere to pass through. Taken with a 300mm lens.

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Sunday 28 January Ride to Midhurst

For a change a dry day for the Ride today. It was mainly cloudy with light winds and temperatures of around 10C but reaching the dizzy heights of 15C when the sun came out in the afternoon. Jeff was the leader and he was joined at Chichester Cross by myself, Sam and Russell. We chatted to a lady who admired Russell’s Bike. I asked her to take our picture so apologies for the quality but she managed to get it out of focus probably by partly covering the lens with a finger.

We headed out on a unique Jeff route taking lots of back routes and paths in a Tour of Chichester style coming out by Homebase. Then it was on via Westhampnett and Strettington to join the lane over the Downs up Sculpture/ Pillygreen Hill. Then down to East Dean and the valley lane  to join the main road at Upwaltham. After a fast descent of Duncton Hill we joined the quite lane to Seaford College and on to Graffham where we stopped for Elevenses at Graffham Village Shop.

I headed home via a Heyshott and Cocking soon after we left while the rest continued to lunch at Midhurst. Jeff continues the narrative as follows with thaks for the pictures –

We did the back roads to Lavington and all enjoyed a roast beef sandwich at Garstons Cafe Midhurst.

Then something strange happened, the sun came out . So we jumped on the bikes and headed out to Bepton where Sam’s computer recorded 15° briefly.

We stopped so I could try Russ’s saddle and Sam tried my bike which he liked (he has never been complimentary about my bikes before ! ) I liked the saddle so it was back slapping all round.

The back roads to Cocking were what you would expect in the winter.

From there it was the main road to Singleton where Russ and Sam turned east for a pm coffee stop at Aldingbourne. I headed back to Lavant on road then Centurion Way back to Chi. My mileage read only 36 miles but everyone agreed it was  a good ride.


Edwin continues

On the return ride I spotted quite a few showdrops at the side of the road, nice to see as a first sign of spring. These were taken near Heyshott Common

My mileage from and back to Pagham was 46.

There follows a couple of pictures taken mid month on the Camera Club North Cornwall Seascape photography Worksop


Saturday 27th January 2018, Ride to Hilliers Garden Centre Café

Eight cyclists (Philippa, Roy, Bev & Colin, Steve & Carol, Harvey and Chris) gathered at Chichester Library for a short ride to Hilliers Garden Centre at Fishbourne.

 The weather forecast for the afternoon was light rain, with it turning heavier late afternoon; however, as it was a short ride starting at 1 pm, I was confident that we would be home and dry before the heavy rain came along.  Oh dear!  How wrong I was!

We left the library and headed west towards Westgate.  After going over the level crossing, we turned right down Clay Lane.  We then took a right hand turn at the crossroads with Salthill Road.  Unfortunately, as we made our way north, the rain started to get heavier.  At the end of Salthill Road, we took a right hand turn onto the B2178 and then two left hand turns to take us into West Stoke Road.

By this time, the rain was heavy and relentless.  We went through West Stoke and briefly paused at West Stoke Village Hall in order to show Steve & Carol where our AGM takes place.

We then cycled down Lye Lane, crossed back over the B2178 and carried on southwards down Moutheys Lane, towards the junction with Clay Lane.  Here we turned right and then left over the bridge spanning the A27, before taking a bridleway which took us over the railway line to Brooks Lane in Bosham.  From here, it was just a short trip along the cycle path alongside the A259 to Hillers Garden Centre.  We arrived looking like drowned rats! After getting out of our wet gear, we settled down to a nice cup of tea and cake.

It was still pouring with rain when we left, so we took the quickest way back to Chichester, continuing along the cycle path alongside the A259 and getting back to Chichester at approximately 3.45 pm.


Saturday 13 January Manor Nursery Runcton (2nd Report)

The ride left Bognor Library led by Steve, Carol led the ride back. There were 18 rider’s on today’s ride, weather was cold but dry.

We made our way to Highfield Road and over the rail way bridge, onto cycle path passing Tesco on our left. Turned left into Rowan Way to the end and then Berry Lane through new housing estate and onto cycle path alongside A259.

At Mercedes garage we turned right and made our way to Oving village and onto Drayton, at the T junction we turned left and over level crossing heading back onto A259 cycle path. Turned into Green Lane ,at the end of the lane we turned left half a mile on busy road then turning right into Manor Nursery.

Had a warming welcome from friendly staff, hot tea and cake. We had arranged to meet up with Chris who led from Chichester between 2:15 and 2:30, our timing was spot on. Now making total riders 21.

For the return Carol led back via Green Lane . At A259 Chris plus 2 turned left back to Chichester and we turned right for Bognor. Carol took lots of different back streets making her way back to the Library. Really nice people on today’s ride and a special thank you to Bob who joined us from London and George Sinclair our youngest rider

Steve and Carol

Sunday 14 January Ride to East Meon

The weather today was mainly cloudy with a little sun midday and dry with light winds. Temperatures started cold but reached 8C in the afternoon.

Sam was the leader and he was joined at Chichester Cross by myself, Bob, Mark and Mike with Jeff joining us in West Street so 6 in all.

We headed out on West Street at a brisk pace and then Sam decided on a change taking us on the A259 via Fishbourme, Bosham and Southbourne. We then headed on lanes via Westbourne. We took a brief break at the top of the hill from Westbourne where I said I was suffering from PCI (Post Christmas Inertia) Sam commented he hadn’t heard of that before, not surprising as I had just made it up .

We then headed on via Rowlands Castle passing the Cafe and then on to the Cafe at Horndean Garden Centre for elevenses. It was a day for an indoors stop with some good warm heating.

Then out into the cold again

From here I headed back to make it a half day ride. The rest continued on lanes via Cathrington and Clanfield and over the hill near HMS Mercury before descending to The Isaak Walton, East Meon for lunch.

The full days ride from Chichester was due to be 50 miles. My mileage from Pagham for the half day was 41.


Saturday 13th January Ride to Manor Nursery Café, Runcton

The weather today was cold and dull but dry.

There were 2 rides today, the original one starting from Bognor Library with 18 out plus an additional ride starting from Chichester Library with 3 out.

So far we have a report for the Chichester Ride sent in by Chris Merrien the leader as follows –

We had a great ride this afternoon. Carol Featherstone and Colin Witt were waiting at the library. I decided that we would do a reasonable distance so we left the city via East Street, through the Hornet and turned at the Four Chesnuts to go down the Oving road. We crossed the A27 and went to Tangmere museum. From there we skirted around the airfield and came to the Gribble Pub. Turned back to go over the Drayton level crossing and then when we got to the A259 we headed down on the cyclepath to the Pink Pub. At the roundabout, we turned down Chalcroft Lane and made our way to the next roundabout. From there we headed towards Lagness and then on to the Manor Nursery. We arrived at 2.20 pm just as the group from Bognor arrived.

All in all it went well.