Saturday 14 October. Ride to Blossoms, Cafe Stansted

There were 10 out today on the Saturday Ride to Stansted from Chichester. It was fairly cloudy with sunny spells and a warm and unseasonal 18C due to a flow of warm air from the south. Edwin led in place of Richard who had gone to Yorkshire. He was joined at Chichester Library by Sam, Alan, Chris, Carol, Steve, Bill, Andy, Sue and Kathryn. Sam was there to give Richard a ride on Sam’s electric Bike. Didn’t work out but Sam rode with us anyway for the first time on a Saturday Ride. Bill is a newcomer from Devon staying temporarily in Chichester.

We took a route out via West Street and the South Coast Cycleroute lanes via Woodmancote and then on via Westbourne and a lane via Aldsworth to stop for tea at Blossoms Cafe, Stansted in the Garden Centre. We were separated at the Cafe as some of us went straight to the Garden while others made the error of asking staff about the Garden and being told it was closed. The being closed bit actually meant in practice there were no cushions on the chairs.

The return took in Westbourne before taking a different route back via Southbourne and a lane via Hambrook. Then it was down to the main road and back to Chichester on the cyclepath alongside.

Mileage from and back to Chichester was about 20.



Sunday 8 October. Ride to the George and Dragon, Dragons Green

The weather today was mainly cloudy though dry with light winds and temperatures up to 16C.

The start was 9.00am at Walberton Pond. Russell was the leader and he was joined by Sam, Bob and myself so 4 out on the day. We headed out north via Shellbridge Road and Singleton Common with the leaves just starting to turn.

Then it was a short stretch of main road before turning off on the lane via Madehurst up to Whiteways Roundabout and down to Houghton. We had been passed by classic cars and there was a major event on at Amberley Museum. Then it was on via Amberley and Rackham and passing heather.

Then on to Wiggonholt RSPB Cafe for elevenses.

I had gained a cold a few days ago so decided to head back from elevenses. The rest continued planning to take a route via West Chiltington and passing on a lane near Shripney and on to Dragons Green for lunch. Bob sent some pictures via Smartphone including one of a bike above the Pub door.

Another one shows a Grave in the Pub Garden

Despite cutting short the ride an 8 mile ride to the start meant my mileage for the day was 41.

On Friday I went to London and took in the new Postal Museum and Mail Rail at Mount Pleasant. Mail Rail is a mini underground Railway under London used to transport letters which closed in 2003. It reopened last month to take tourists. I got lucky with a lot of no shows and 4 empty seats in front of me in the glass enclosed mini carriages making for unobstructed views. With a lower shutter speed the walls are blurred.


Sunday 1 October. Ride to Compton

A few words regarding today’s ride. No photos unfortunately.

I was met at the Cross by just Sam and Bob, so only 3 out on today’s ride, which was not surprising given the less than favourable weather forecast. A comparison of weather forecasts seemed to indicate that today’s promised wind and rain would arrive at Fort Nelson (our lunch destination) around noon and at Chichester by 1pm, so we decided to set off on a very flexible route, being prepared to stop and head for home if/when the rain arrived. We took the usual route out to Woodmancote and then on to our elevenses stop at the Village Café in Rowlands Castle. It was still dry and by now quite warm so we were able to sit outside. for once there were more walkers than cyclists at the café and evidently it was muddy going on foot by the look of them.

A  quick look at the weather timings and a  route re-jiggle later we headed off up the Finchdean Road, through Idsworth and over the hill to an early lunch at the village stores Café at Compton. At this point we were strong contenders for the annual CTC award for fewest miles travelled per coffee stop. ( 2 cafes in 18 miles and some of those miles were a return trip to Rowlands Castle when Sam realized he had left his wind proof behind! Luckily it had been handed to the counter staff by another customer) Again the weather was kind enough for us to sit outside at Compton, not many other cyclists around for a change though.

It was then back to Chichester, taking a slightly different route to usual, arriving back at 1pm, just as with almost military precision, the rain started. Not quite sure how we timed it so well!

Total mileage was only 29 miles, however it was a very satisfying ride without really going anywhere! ‘


Sunday 24th September. Ride to Stedham

It was a beautiful sunny day again feeling like summer with temperatures up to 21C. There was though a fairly strong SE wind.

On the way to the start at Chichester Cross I stopped off at Eastgate Square for a picture of the new Keats Statue.

I was the leader and I was joined at the start by Russell, Sam, Bob and Keith.

We headed out via Centurion Way and then lanes via West Stoke and Funtington and then the B-Road via West Marden to stop for elevenses at Compton.

We arrived there soon after 10.00 as we aim to get a seat as it is a little popular with cyclists on a Sunday morning.

Then it was on up the gradual climb past Uppark of Harting Hill and down into the village and on via a lane to Nyewood. Then it was on via a narrow lane to Dumpford and on to Trotton and a very brief stretch of the busy A272 before  turning off on the lane via Chithurst and a brief check of the route.


The lanes here are very narrow with a lot of accumulated dried mud much in need of clearing. Russell and I had sandwiches on the green at Stedham in the heat of the sun and then went on to join the others at the Hamilton Arms.

We were due to meet Arun Adur at the pub and they arrived an hour after we did about as we were ready to leave but we had time for a chat.

Keith left us after lunch and the rest of us headed back via Severals Lane to Bepton and then on to Cocking and climbing the hill. Down to Singleton and we stopped for tea at a new cafe opened a few weeks ago at Singleton Open Air museum which can be visited without paying to go in the museum.

The return was downhill on the Centurion Way and mileage from and back to Chichester was about 38. My mileage from Pagham was 50.

Last weekend I went to Open House London where many buildings normally closed to the public open their doors. One was City Hall on the South Bank,

For more details see

Another was the Royal Albert Hall done as a panorama

For more details see


Saturday 23 September Ride to Manor Nursery Cafe

It was a beautiful warm sunny day for the Saturday afternoon ride today with temperatures up to 18C. Graham was the leader and there were 15 of us at the start including Christine, Kathryn, Steve, Carol, Steve2, Michelle, George, David, Julian, Mike, Alan, Frances, Mike2 and Edwin.

Many years ago we used to start the Evening Rides with a Tour of Bognor led of course by Graham. The start of the ride felt a bit like that. Excuse me if I get mixed up but I think I have it about right. We headed out from the Library  west along London Road, then Cresent Road and Queensway and then Ockley Road causing a bit of a stir as we went with car tailbacks.

Then it was a little bit of Linden Road before turning into Havelock Road and into Longford Road still a short way from the Library just across the Railway tracks. Then before the big roundabout a right into Gordon Avenue taking us under the flyover (a new one on me) Then a very short bit of Highland Avenue before taking the cyclepath under the A29 Roundabout and into Orchard Way before turning off onto Durban Road through the Industrial Estate. Then it was right into Ash Grove and up to Rowan Way to North Bersted along the Cyclepath. Then it was onto the Berry Lane Cycleroute to the new Bersted Estate at which point I lost track a bit as it was more streets new to me.

I believe we exited on Elbridge Road Then it was across the new bypass by the roundabout to pick up the Bognor Chichester Cyclepath. We turned off on to Colworth Lane. It was good to see Graham clearly identified as the Ride Leader.

Then it was back to the Cyclepath alongside the main road and then onto the lane via Merston before turning onto a short stretch of the busy Lagness Road to the Cafe. Unusually we sat outside as normally when we visit this location it is too cold. After welcome hot drinks and cakes we got ready to head back. This is a picture of David’s new bike which is actually a refurbished Post Office bike good for trips to the shop. It was notable during the ride for the loud clatter from the basket every time we went over a bump.

After a short stretch south on the main road we turned off on the concrete farm track via Park Farm.

The return to the Library was via the Cycleroute on the Prom to complete a round trip of 12 miles.


Sunday 10 September. Ride to Dunridge (Hambledon)

There was a beautiful start to the day with early sunny skies though cold and soon giving way to gathering clouds. Temperatures reached 16C with a strong SW wind. Sam was the leader at 9.00am Chichester Cross and he was joined by myself, Mike and Bob.

Sam was out on a new (sort of) Electric bike. The latest version of the previous one, Cube, but a larger better suited frame and all the equipment from the old bike transferred over except for keeping the more powerful!! New motor.

We took the usual route out via West Street and Clay Lane and on via Woodmancote and Westbourne. On the hill up from Westbourne we were easily overtaken by some fit young girls save for Sam who powered up the hill ahead of them at 15mph.

Our elevenses stop was at Horndean Garden Centre Cafe just in time as the the first spots started for a shower. We requisitioned an under cover area for a bike park.

We enjoyed hot drinks, cakes or sandwiches while it rained outside and cleared up just as we were ready to leave.

The original destination for lunch was Dunridge near Bishops Waltham. However with the rain and more forecast to come Sam made an executive decision to divert to Lotts Cafe, Hambledon. I decided to head back from Horndean and make it a half day ride. On the way back I saw a lot of riders coming the other way on the route of the Southern Sportive based on Petersfield. Further on I had decided to take a lane between Southbourne and Hambrook but a short way along came across deep flooding from yesterdays rain.

Discretion was called for and I diverted to take the cyclepath along the main road back to Chichester. My mileage from and back to Pagham was 43.

My latest processed picture was taken earlier this year in London before they started putting scaffolding on Big Ben.

For a larger picture and more details see


Saturday 9th September. Tangmere Airfield Cafe Ride

Due to illness Philippa could not lead this ride today so Steve & Carol took up the reins. 7 Riders met at Chichester Library, Harvey, Lucy, David, Carol, Steve, Carol 2 , Jill.

We made our way out of Chichester via North walls, Priory park into Melbourne Rd turn left into Spitalfield Rd heading into hospital and turning right into Swanfield drive left into Bradshaw Rd right into Barnfield drive, then into Westhampnett Road, we made our way past the Rolls Royce Factory onto the cycle path that lead us to the roundabout above A27.  As we arrived a lot earlier than we expected we all agreed to a diversion that took us out to Halnaker we then made our way through Boxgrove and over A27 Footbridge through village of Tangmere to our destination, Tangmere Air Museum Cafe, not a very good selection of cakes to pick from today but the hot tea was most welcome.  Photos were taken by a kind passer-by in front of a Harrier jump jet.

We all then made our way across the old airfield path  where Harvey turned left towards Barnham and we headed for Drayton where David & Lucy turned left over Railway crossing & we turned right for Chichester this is when the rain started and stayed with and Carol I all the way back home to Felpham. Carol and Steve ended the ride at Chichester Railway Station Carol 2 & Jill then caught the train back to Portsmouth.

Steve and Carol