Sunday 10 June Ride to Hambledon

Weather on Sunday was dry with cloud in the morning clearing in the afternoon and reaching a pleasant 21C. Sam was the leader on a ride due to go to The Shoe at Exton. There were 7 of us at the start of the Ride which had its share of problems starting with Jeff having a puncture after parking near the Centurion Way.

At Chichester Cross Sam was joined by myself, Mike, Russell, Bob and Mark for the first time this year. A cyclist from the West Country joined us briefly for a chat who originally hailed from Ireland and exactly the area Sam visits every year

We headed out to via West Street to pick up Jeff whose puncture was now mended.

Then it was on via Clay Lane and the lanes via Woodmancote to Westbourne where Mike had to turn back having realised he left his bag back at Chichester Cross. Problem no 2. We heard from Mike later that he had retrieved his bag safely and then headed home.

Meanwhile we headed on and stopped at Rowlands Castle for an early elevenses. A generally welcomed decision was made to have a shorter ride to lunch changing it to the Cafe at Hambledon and do a longer ride in the afternoon.

We headed on via Horndean and a lane to Cathrington where Sam decided to go off piste on a rarely used route on a lane to Hambeledon . However nobody had a paper map for the area so Google Maps was consulted as we huddled at a junction being buzzed by a moped rider going up and down. We headed out up a steep hill and then along a quiet narrow lane.

After some more ups and downs we came out by the Bat and Ball Pub and then a long downhill to Hambledon to lunch at the Old Forge Tea Rooms, formerly Lotts Cafe, much improved after being taken over by new owners.

The Sam loop for the afternoon started off as is traditional by heading the opposite direction from home up an exceptionally steep cruel hill. Then it was more pleasant lanes across rolling hills with beautiful views.

We took more lanes across to Chidden. At this point I wanted to avoid a long climb up to the Ridge and Jeff wanted to avoid some off-road Sam had planned so we split off and took a route of similar distance but lower. Our routes converged at the Hampshire Hogg and then across to Chalton and down to Finchdean and we met up for tea at Rowlands Castle. Jeff and I got there at least 20 minutes earlier than the rest mainly due to the off-road which proved more difficult than expected.

After tea in the bright sunshine we retrace our outbound route back to Chichester via Westbourne and Woodmancote. Mileage from and back to Chichester was about 48. My mileage from Pagham was 60.



Saturday 9 June Cycle To Mewsbrook Park Café

17 riders out for today’s ride, we set off from Bognor Library in 2 groups as we adopted our new policy of no more than 10 riders together so as to make it easier and safer for cars to pass us, I led the first group of 10 and Mike led the second Carol being tail Rider for any problems which she could report via our walkie talkie radios.

We headed to Arun Leisure Centre and out to Hoe lane (as the new Bognor Littlehampton cycle path which we were hoping to use still is not completed) we stopped for regroup at the church then after 5 minutes to check everyone was OK set off towards Yapton passing through Ford and turning left into Horsemere  Green Lane at the end of lane we turned right and made our way to the busy A259 we crossed and into Ferry Road at the end we crossed the river Arun turned right and made our way down the river to the sea, at this point my friend Graham took the reins and led us onto the cycle track on the prom which was surprisingly not as busy as I thought it would be this must come with experience and the many many many  many years of experience Graham has on me Thankyou Graham for your assistance, we got to Mewsbrook café and sat outside in the lovely sunshine and all enjoyed the great hospitality provided by the staff Tea Coffee Chips Cakes and cold drinks.

The return trip was led by Carol and  I became tail end Charlie and Mike continued to lead second group.

Carol retraced our track right back to Yapton but instead of going to Hoe Lane went via Comet Corner, the ride was ended at Flansham Park as we were all going our separate ways.

Thank you to all the lovely people who came on our ride today and made it such fun

Steve and Carol

Sunday 3rd June. I-Spy Ride

Today was the second DA Event of the year, the I-Spy Ride organised by Horsham Crawley Group. Our Rides List provided for us to meet at Wiggonholt for the start of the event from 10.00. However after request I contacted regular riders and suggested an 8.15 start at Walberton Pond to Ride to Wiggonholt for 9.30 and an early coffee stop. That brought out a good turnout with Sam, Russell, Bob and Mike meeting me at Walberton and Harvey meeting us at Wiggonholt. It was a beautiful warm sunny day with temperatures up to 25C inland.

We headed out on the usual route taking the hilly lanes via Madehurst. Then it was a fast descent down Houghton Hill looking over the Arun Valley. Just after Amberley Sam spotted an artistic convergence of polluted jet contrails.

Then it was on via Rackham and the Gates to Parham and along a tree lined lane.

We arrived at Wiggonholt at dead on 9.30 to join Horsham Crawley members already there and we were soon joined by Arun Adur members. Pete Eyre was the organiser and handed out the route/clue sheets. . Totals were 9 from Horsham Crawley, 6 from Bognor Chichester and 3 from Arun Adur. Horsham Crawley formed 3 groups to go round the route while Bognor Chichester and Arun Adur formed a group each.

After a short stretch of main road we headed off on lanes towards Nutbourne and then Stream Lane and on to West Chiltington. After a loop through the village one of the clues was which number was missing. The clue included a picture of a Fire Hydrant marker with the bottom number missing so the answer was 6. This was the sort of question but not always as easy to find and even then there was some discussion as there was another Hydrant on the other side of the road but it didn’t fit the picture background.

I took the opportunity to get a group picture, not a lot of traffic around.

Then it was on north and east passing Shripney and on via Dial Post. Then the route took us on a quiet lane coming out near Ashurst to pick up the Downs Link cyclepath near Stans Bike Shack. A fair length of rough track along the old railway path followed until we were approaching the South Downs near Steyning.

More lanes took us to The Star in Steyning for lunch where we met up with the other groups, handed in the morning answers and received the afternoon’s clue sheet and route.

We headed out by road  back towards Ashurst but turned off on Spitathandle Lane towards Wiston. One of the clues was “Which Monarch do you pass” The answer being Queen Victoria shown on this no longer operational drinking fountain.

Then it was on to Ashington where Arun Adur caught up with us and we combined on the lane up to Warminghurst Church or strictly to get the clue answer correct as we did The Church of The Holy Sepulchre Warminghurst.

Then it was back via West Chiltington to the finish at Wiggonholt getting there with 15 minutes to spare before the Cafe closed at 4.30. In the end we came equal third out of 5 so not quite last. Jacqui and Gordon of Horsham Crawly came first.

For the return we took a little longer for less traffic via the track from Houghton to Burpham and Arundel and Yapton. For me it was a beautiful ride home along the seafront with the sea calm as a millpond.

The I-Spy route was about 37 miles. With the addition of riding from home to Wiggonholt and back my mileage for the day was 83 with 3558 feet of climb. See the image below for the route.

I have been quite busy with the Camera the last few days. On Friday I went to the Biannual Chichester Cathedral Festival of flowers with 50,000 blooms filling every corner.

On Saturday I joined a Bognor Camera Club trip to the Isle of Wight taking in Yaverland Beach, Sandown and Newtown Nature Reserve


Sunday 27 May Rides to The Victoria West Marden

After earlier forecasts of thunderstorms all day the weather today ended up as dry, mainly sunny and warm with temperatures reaching  23C inland and quite humid.

There were 2 rides today meeting up for lunch at West Marden. Harvey led the short ride starting at 10.00 from Chichester Cross and taking a direct route and with 3 out being Harvey, Gill and Andy. I led the long ride from Chichester Cross at 9.00 taking a more roundabout route and I was joined by Sam, Russell and Bob so 7 out in all. We could very possibly count Chris who said hello at the start and met up with us very briefly at lunch as we were leaving.

I led the long ride out via Clay Lane, Woodmancote and Westbourne, Then it was on via Rowlands Castle into Hampshire and on to Horndean to the Cafe at the Garden Centre. This has recently been taken over by the owners of the Rowlands Castle Cafe improving the quality.

We then retraced our steps briefly before turning off on Woodhouse Lane and then a sharp wooded descent to the lane south of Chalton. Then it was on still slightly downhill to Finchdean where we headed left passing Ibsworth Church sitting alone on a hill. Then it was a long gradual climb over to Compton and on down the valley to join the short riders for lunch at The Victoria, West Marden.

We rode back as a combined group first heading down the valley passing through an especially nice area between woods,

Then it was over a short hill to Funtington and a right onto Watery Lane and down to the Pond at West Ashling for a brief break.

While there some geese on a property adjoining the pond took exception to our presence and came marching towards us making a considerable racket. Luckily they were behind a fence so I was able to get a picture without getting pecked.

We continued back on the usual lanes before turning off and down to Fishbourne Roman Palace Cafe for tea.

As we returned via the railway bridge Arthur and Lynn caught up with us having done their own afternoon ride after being kept from joining the ride by a late departing guest.

Mileage from and back to Chichester was 34 miles. My mileage from Pagham was 45.

I have taken a few other pictures during the week. On Tuesday evening I went to the Evening Cycle Racing at Goodwood Motor Race Circuit. They do 10 events starting in April with just the next 2 Tuesdays left. The picture was taken with a 250mm lens.

Yesterday I rode to Earnley Butterflies and Gardens and one of the shots taken with a macro lens was of 3 butterflies gorging on a rotten Banana.

For more details and a larger picture see


Ride to Tangmere Aviation Museum Café Saturday 26th May 2018

The weather dawned breezy and sultry for a ride to Tangmere Aviation Museum Café. Eight cyclists gathered at Chichester Library, including Julia, a newcomer.

The group set off from the library heading north towards North Walls, before turning east towards St Richard’s Hospital.  Fortunately, no one wanted to visit the A & E Department (!), so everyone carried on in a north-easterly direction through the Swanfield Housing Estate, using a cycle path to come out near the Bunnings roundabout.

Having crossed over the roundabout, the group continued along Stane Street, which was originally a Roman road and the route of the A27.  At Maudlin, the cyclists veered off to the right along a cycle path signposted to Tangmere.  The route continued for a short way alongside the A27 before everyone diverted into the village.  The group arrived at the café at 2.50 pm.

We had a photo opportunity outside the Museum

Following tea, the group made their way back to Chichester via Tangmere Road and Drayton Lane, to pick up the A259 cycle path towards Chichester.  On arriving at the A27, everyone went over the footbridge and carried on down Quarry Lane, through the industrial estate, to Whyke Road, taking a left and then a right hand turn to go down Kingsham Avenue.  On reaching Stockbridge Road, the group crossed over the railway line and took the cycle path which runs in front of the Westgate Leisure Centre and Chichester College.  At Westgate, the remaining cyclists headed east back into the city, arriving in the town about 4.30 pm.


Thursday 24 May Evening Ride to The Ship and Anchor Ford

During the day there was a long period of heavy rain but by late afternoon it had cleared away to the north leaving us with a warm dry evening with light winds. John was the leader and 8 of us in all met at Felpham Leisure Centre including newcomer Martin. Julian joined us at the Pub.

Harvey recommended that we avoid the Barnham path as it was quite muddy after the days rain. I had heard of people cycling on some of the tarmaced parts of the partly completed cyclepath to Littlehampton so suggested to John that we try it out from Flansham to Comet Corner. We headed out that way taking the usual very convoluted route via various estate roads..

At Flansham we picked up the cyclepath after negotiation of a barrier across it meant to stop people like us from using it. The path in this section is nice and wide with a verge separating us from traffic. We negotiated a few more barriers before getting round a mini digger at Comet Corner. There follows a sequence of pictures showing our Christening Ride on the path.

John then led us on the back road up to and through Yapton. Then a nice loop to add some miles taking in Lake Lane to Barnham and then the Barnham Walberton Cyclepath to Walberton. Then it was Yapton Lane back into the North End of Yapton, again, before turning off on Ford Lane to the Pub

As we got ready to leave a picture with flash showed up our reflective cycle gear nicely.

We took a direct return via Ford Lane, Yapton and into Middleton and back to Felpham. Ride distance for the evening from and back to Felpham was 16.5 miles.


Sunday 20 May Ride to Hooksway


Due to engineering works the very  long train assisted ride was cancelled and amended and notified to members by email to be a ride starting at Chichester Cross to The Royal Oak, Hooksway. The day started cloudy and cool but the sun came out after an hour and it stayed warm and sunny up to 15C. Jeff was the leader and was joined by myself, Mike, Sam and Tim

Jeff took us on a fairly convoluted route out of Chichester taking estate roads north from West Street to link up with Broyle Road. Then we turned off onto Brandy Hole Lane which is pleasantly quiet between trees, Sam stopped to add a coat which coincided with a group on horses coming out of a field.

Then on to West Stoke and a left turn on a not much used Lye Lane and on via East Ashling trying to find a route through the village between the potholes. We turned off on Southbrook Road to West Ashling and then round via the wet Watery Lane to Funtington. Then it was a more familiar road over the hill to Racton and onto the B-Road north up the valley. Jeff turned off on a favourite Colin loop via Locksash Lane and some hills. I was into hill avoidance and went straight up the valley to save us a table at Compton for elevenses. After elevenses a lot of interest was taken in a quite old car.

After a brief way north we took a right turn on a narrow lane across country with a lot of cyclists coming the other way on an event and a few steep hills added in.

While the others headed on a route via Up Marden Stoughton and East Marden I took a more direct route via North Marden and a stop for Sandwiches at the 12th Century North Marden Church with a long bench overlooking green fields. We met up at the Royal Oak pub, Hooksway which is in a beautiful hollow with the way out being back up the hill save for tracks up to the ridge of the Downs.

Back up the hill after lunch we stopped to regroup at the top.

Then it was on to Chilgrove and a left turn on a lane with 3 hills and a brief break at the final hill.

Then it was down to West Dean turning off onto the top end of the Centurion Way cyclepath.

Then on down with a brief break on the trail near Lavant.

We headed for a tea stop (ice creams) at the Chichester Canal Basin.

Mileage from and back to Chichester for the main group was 35. Including my ride home my mileage was 43.

Meanwhile on the short ride to East Wittering Harvey led Ray Gould and Andrew with a route down the Salterns Way and Piggery Hall Lane to lunch at The Boulevard Cafe.