Sunday 25 March Ride to Whispers Billingshurst

The weather today was dry and mainly cloudy with some distant mist over the other side of the Downs. Temperatures were mild reaching 11C. Sam the original leader had a Chest Infection so Russell substituted. The original destination was way north at The Milk Churn, Rudgewick. Without Sam to keep us in line that soon slipped to elevenses at Billingshurst and Lunch at Kirdford. By the time we got to Wiggonholt that slipped again to Elevenses at Wiggonholt and lunch at Whispers Cafe, Billingshurst. Joining Russell for the ride start at Walberton Pond at 9.00am there was myself, Mike and Bob.

I had noticed coming from home that it was much quieter than usual and the likely reason was that many people didn’t put their clocks forward until they got up. We took the usual route out from Walberton over the A27 and up Shellbridge road between the woods. Here I saw a deer nip across the road a little way in front of us. First time for that in this area, it probably hadn’t changed its clock yet. Then a short stretch of main road before turning off on the back road via Madehurst ending up near Whiteways after a final climb.

Then it was down Houghton and on via Rackham to stop for an early elevenses at Wiggonholt.

After elevenses we headed on via Stream Lane to West Chiltington and up Broadford Bridge Road where we were overtaken by a Horse and rider going up a hill, wrong way round really. Notable at the top were all the Vines planted to replace the Golf Course, much better use of the land. Then it was down to Broadford Bridge and a little further on we turned off on a quiet lane to Billingshurst and our lunch stop at Whispers Cafe.

After lunch we split up with Russell, Mike and Bob headed west to return via Cocking Hill. I decided on a much shorter flatter return catching the train from Billingshurst to Arundel and then riding back from there via Ford and Yapton.

My mileage for the day was 42 increased by getting from home to Walberton Pond before the start

My latest picture to be processed was taken in London on Thursday after finding a public access to the Thames foreshore at low tide by the Millennium Bridge. The bed of the Thames is full of detritus from the centuries including bricks from buildings destroyed in the Great Fire of London.

For a larger picture and more details see


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